The CWS AirBar: a fragrance dispenser for every environment

Whether in the office, washroom or commercial areas, using the right fragrance and the right automatic fragrance dispenser can greatly improve our overall well-being and mood.  

Woman in washroom with CWS AirBar

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12 June 2023 Hygiene

Fragrance dispensers have the ability to change the atmosphere and create a pleasant and inviting environment. Did you know that the scent in a room can affect your mood, as well as your performance or buying habits? Whether in an office, commercial space or washroom; the CWS AirBar fragrance dispenser can make a positive impact there. This automatic air freshner goes beyond masking unpleasant odors like smoke, sweat, and toilet smells. It effectively neutralizes and eradicates smells. And that, especially with rising temperatures, is no unnecessary luxury! 


Experience the power of the fragrance dispenser

Ambient scents can improve mood, reduce stress and create a sense of comfort and well-being. With the right scent, you can create a warm and inviting environment that immediately puts people at ease. The CWS AirBar fragrance dispenser offers a range of options to enrich your environment.  

AirBar Fragrances

The smart two-chamber system

CWS AirBar in Mint, White and Silver

A common downside of traditional air fresheners is that people become used to a particular scent over time, causing fragrance habituation. The CWS AirBar has a clever dual-chamber system that addresses this problem. By using two separate scent chambers, it switches between scents regularly so that people do not get used to them and the strength of the scent is maintained. The CWS AirBar allows you to select the perfect scent and fragrance intensity.

Ambient fragrances and their positive effect  

From creating an inviting environment to promoting emotional well-being, pleasant scents have a profound effect on our daily lives. Here are some ways environmental scents can affect us:  


Neutralizing smells, rather than masking

Where traditional air fresheners often only mask unpleasant odors, the AirBar fragrance dispenser goes one step further. Our 11 different fragrances are designed not only to make a room smell pleasant, but also to neutralize and eradicate unpleasant odors. This makes them perfect for use in washrooms, reception areas, meeting rooms, retail stores, hospitality facilities, wellness resorts, hospitals, smoking areas and locker rooms in gyms.

Our fragrance solutions and neutralizers

AirBar - Zápach potu a toalety

Sweat and toilet smells

CWS Sweet Orange

CWS Flower Rain

CWS Peach Heaven

CWS Ocean Fresh

CWS Summer Sense

CWS Forest Soul

CWS Pure Cotton

CWS Fresh Lemongrass

AirBar - Dym


CWS Silent Wood

CWS Secret Spa

CWS Magic Fruit

AirBar - Kuchynské pachy a dym

Kitchen smells and Smoke

CWS Magic Fruit


Easy to use and maintain  

Enjoy the benefits of a fragrance dispenser without the hassle? Our CWS experts take care of the installation, settings such as the desired intensity and timely replacement of consumables such as fragrance cartridges and batteries. Get in touch, request a free fragrance card and experience the power of the CWS AirBar fragrance dispenser yourself.