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How to prevent getting sick: 6 tips for flu prevention in the winter months

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2 October 2023 Hygiene

It's winter again, it's cold and we're in the middle of a flu season. So it is not unnecessary to wonder how best to prevent the flu. The flu virus, which resides in our nose and mouth and is spread through droplets by talking, coughing or sneezing, especially in rooms where people are close together and where there is poor ventilation. In addition, the virus can be transmitted through hands and objects, such as a doorknob, stair railing or a keyboard. 

At CWS we are working on hygiene solutions daily and are striving for a healthier and safer future. That's why we give you 6 tips to prevent the flu.

1. Wash your hands regularly  

Adequate hand hygiene measures can significantly reduce the spread and infection of the flu. It is important to wash your hands regularly with (warm) water and soap, for at least 20-30 seconds. Afterwards dry your hands thoroughly with a (paper) towel. If soap and water are not available, use a disinfectant (sanitizer). In addition, try to touch your face as little as possible, because most virus particles linger in your nose, mouth and eyes and are spread through your hands. If possible, try to use non-touch dispensers that ensure increased hygiene.  

2. Air the indoor areas regularly  

It is important to regularly air indoor spaces to reduce the number of germs and aerosols in the air and prevent infection. But working full days in winter next to an open window is unfortunately not the solution. Because when you're cold, you're more prone to the flu again. With a good air purification device, this problem is solved. By means of UV-C light, the indoor air is disinfected, while you can keep the temperature pleasant.   

3. Disinfect surfaces  

Disinfect hard surfaces such as desks, door handles, light switches and banisters on a regular basis. If you work at a flexi-place, this is even more important because the virus can get to your hands via utensils and surfaces. The CWS Surface Cleaner disinfects and kills viruses, moulds and bacteria and helps you create a safe (working) environment. 

4. Sneeze and cough in a paper tissue  

Did you know that virus particles can be spread up to 2 meters away by coughing and sneezing? Therefore, always sneeze or cough into a paper tissue, which you discard afterwards. If you do not have a tissue, sneeze into the crook of your arm. This is more hygienic than coughing or sneezing into your hands. Always wash your hands after this or, if soap and water are not available, use a disinfectant gel.

5. Keep your distance  

The flu is unfortunately very contagious. To avoid infecting other people, it is smart to keep enough distance. The corona measures have shown us that keeping your distance really does have an effect on spreading disease. 

6. Live healthy  

A good resistance is important. Good nutrition, enough sleep, relaxation (avoiding stress) and sufficient exercise will help. Make sure you get outside from time to time and keep exercising. In addition, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables that contain vitamin C. And try to get enough sleep; 8 hours per night is recommended. 

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We wish you a healthy winter season!