Hygiene made easy - maintenance and servicing of dispensers with CWS

Through the rental service, CWS takes care of the maintenance of the dispensers. As a result, the product life is extended through repair and is thus more sustainable compared to purchase.  

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22 April 2022 Hygiene

For years, CWS has been committed to sustainable business practices and is working to make its own products and services even more environmentally friendly. The new PureLine product line is fully in line with this tradition and way of thinking.  

Consisting of 16 inter-combinable solutions, from non-touch dispensers for soap, hand care and disinfection to cotton towel rolls, the PureLine portfolio includes all the essential hygiene products for a well-equipped washroom. The sensor control makes the dispensers very hygienic and easy to use, which is a great advantage for children, the elderly and people with limited mobility.  

CWS Hygiene PureLine Washroom Solution plus text (Copyright: CWS International GmbH)

CWS products are designed to promote the economical and resource-saving use of consumables. Soap pouches empty completely into the reservoir, ensuring that even the last drop is dispensed and the packaging can be disposed of completely empty. The auto-stop function and drip-free dispensing enable clear dosing and prevent residues on the sink or floor. Targeted icons on the products signal the correct use of the hygiene products to users, thus raising the standard of hygiene through intuitively correct application. 

Exchange of consumables made easy 

Thanks to the principle of "one key for all dispensers", the PureLine is characterised by a high degree of user-friendliness, also for cleaning staff. This is supported by the colour coding of the soap pouch caps and the uncomplicated loading system of the towel dispensers - everything is exchanged and ready for use again in just a few steps. This saves cleaning time and pleases visitors to the washroom, who then don't have to resort to their trouser legs as a hand-drying option.   

In addition, the CWS PureLine is equipped with a chip and therefore 100% IoT ready. With this technology, the washroom can be operated digitally later in the year. The fill level of the dispensers can be viewed in real time, thus saving unnecessary extra work in busy washrooms, which is an economically measurable factor. 

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