Diversity does not start or end with gender

Diverse teams perform better and solve problems in many ways – CWS promotes diversity in the organisation. 


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23 June 2022

Everyone is talking about diversity and inclusion these days. It started with female underrepresentation in upper management levels, but today diversity is way more than that: It is about creating a diverse working environment that is open to every gender, every age, every ability and disability and every nationality. Why is that important? Different opinions and viewpoints can sum up in the best discussion and the best possible result. 

“We are happy to have motivated colleagues within CWS. In our four working groups we talk about the challenges in business life and how CWS can support and become even better in terms of an inclusive and diverse working environment where everyone not only feels welcomed but appreciated”, says Dr. Maren Otte, Group Director Corporate Communications and Sustainability, about the internal working groups. Those working groups within the company are: Gender, Age, People with Disabilities and Nationality. “Studies have shown that diversity has a positive impact on a company’s working environment and performance. The inclusion of different points of view and cultural experiences automatically boosts understanding and cooperation, which, in turn, leads to better results. And diversity does not start or end with gender for us. That is what we learned from our organisation. We support everyone who wants to engage in terms of becoming more diverse and have an open ear for new projects and ideas.” 

The Diversity and Inclusion Council, a management board lead organisation, promotes those topics within the whole CWS Group. More than 120 employees engaged in those working groups making CWS a more inclusive and attractive workplace until today. This year, four bigger projects were greenlighted from the management board. More information on the projects are about to be published within the next months and in our new Sustainability report! 

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Did you know? Diversity is a key topic at CWS since years. In our magazine ONE, CEO Jürgen Höfling displayed his opinion on diversity when we started the whole project. Read more here.

In early July you will find more topics within our newest Sustainability Report. You will find it here.