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High hygiene standards are essential in restaurants. Find out here how they can be implemented in an uncomplicated way.

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16 June 2022 Hygiene

Not in the mood to cook, but still hungry after a busy day and the need to eat something decent? Then quickly grab your keys, money and cell phone and head to your favorite restaurant around the corner. Fortunately, this is now possible again spontaneously and without a test, mask, etc.

Restaurants have suffered massively in the last two years, from lockdowns, access restrictions and also a certain skepticism among people about enclosed spaces. Now in the summer, a lot can be shifted outside and, with all due caution, many are also longing to be properly "cooked" and pampered once again. What restaurateurs have always known is even more true today: cleanliness and hygiene are an absolute must in a restaurant. After all, guests infer from the rooms visible to them, such as the dining room and washrooms, the conditions in the kitchen that are not visible to them. And only those who feel comfortable will come back and recommend a restaurant to others.

Clean and hygenic guest room in a restaurant
Ein Waschraum eines Restaurants in einem passenden Design.

Sensitive areas such as washrooms are particularly important. And here it is not only a clean environment that counts, but also the general "look and feel": soap, towel and disinfectant dispensers should blend harmoniously into the overall concept of the restaurant. However, the CWS PureLine with its purist, timeless design is not only a visual highlight, but also meets the highest hygiene standards. The dispensers can be operated intuitively and are available with sensor-based non-touch technology, among other features - no touch means one less surface for a guest to touch. What's more, the dispensers are IoT-ready: hygiene becomes smart and 100 percent available. And the restaurant owner can take care of his core business with a clear conscience.

Good smells not only from the kitchen

It is often said that the eye eats with the food. The sentence would be complete with the addition of "and so does the nose”. Because what we smell also influences what we taste and whether we like it. Now in a restaurant it usually already smells very good from the kitchen, but especially in the washroom, fresher or more neutral smells are more advantageous. This is ensured by the eleven different aromas of the CWS Air Bar, which provides pleasant fragrances entirely without aerosol propellants. The Air Bar is and battery-powered, so it can be installed quickly and easily.

Zufriedene Restaurant-Besucher erhalten ihr wohlriechendes Essen.

But good smells are not enough when we talk about hygiene concepts in restaurants. The air quality should also be impeccable. So either open the windows - or set up an air purifier that reliably uses UV-C to render viruses and other pathogens harmless. No UV-C light penetrates to the outside and demonstrably no ozone or other by-products are produced, but the device works quietly and odorlessly. And it can be used in all weather conditions, unlike wide open windows.

You can find more information here or contact us directly. We will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have about the right hygiene solution for you!

And if you are looking for the right clothing for your kitchen and service staff, we can also help you.

Interested in our hygiene solutions for restaurants? Our hygiene experts are always happy to help!

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