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CWS extends the Life Hacks with the Eco Hacks thus encourages people to live sustainability with small changes in everyday life.

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27 August 2021

Today is the kick-off for the Eco Hacks from CWS. In the coming weeks, small but effective tips will be shared, especially on the company's social media, to make everyday life more sustainable.

At the end of July, the world reached the so-called "Earth Overshoot Day". This means that the human population has consumed the ecological resources that the world can regenerate within one year. From this day on, consumption is at the expense of future generations. Living more sustainably in one's everyday life can be simple and not expensive. Changing even small things makes a big difference. If everyone implements Eco Hacks, something small can quickly become something big.

As an expert for sustainable solutions, CWS wants to use the Eco Hacks to provide inspiration for a more sustainable lifestyle and show its contribution to a healthier and safer future with facts that the company is already implementing.

With the Eco Hacks, the world can become a little bit better! By the way, CWS is very happy to receive links to implemented Eco Hacks that you share on your profile in social media.