Fire extinguisher maintenance and inspection

Fire extinguisher maintenance is required at least every two years according to ASR A2.2. Learn more about the requirements.

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4 April 2022 Fire Safety

Fire extinguisher maintenance has a high priority in fire protection. Only fire extinguishers that have been checked in accordance with DIN 14406 can be used properly and successfully in the event of a fire. A fire extinguisher must be one hundred percent ready for use at all times so that an incipient fire can be effectively fought and lives and property can be protected.

How often do fire extinguishers have to be tested?

Fire extinguishers in workplaces must be checked regularly (at most every 2 years) by a competent person, according to ASR A2.2. DIN 14406 Part 4 also requires fire extinguisher maintenance for portable fire extinguishers according to DIN EN 3 at least every 2 years by a competent person. The reason for regular fire extinguisher maintenance is that the fire extinguisher and the extinguishing agent are exposed to external environmental influences. Temperature, contamination, humidity or incorrect handling can impair the extinguisher's functionality. As a result, fire extinguishers, which are required by law, must be serviced regularly. Depending on the area of application, environmental influences and manufacturer, shorter intervals may have to be considered.

In addition, § 16 of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) prescribes an internal fire extinguisher inspection at 5-year intervals and a strength test at 10-year intervals. Normally, the internal fire extinguisher inspection according to § 16 BetrSichV is part of the 2-year fire extinguisher maintenance according to DIN 14406 Part 4 or ASR A2.2.

Important: The continuous inspection of fire extinguishers is also important and recommended for private fire extinguishers in order to extinguish a fire in an emergency. Fire extinguishers are lifesavers in case of fire and their operational capability must be ensured regularly.

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Who is allowed to test and maintain fire extinguishers?


Fire extinguisher maintenance may only be carried out by experts according to DIN 14406-4:2009-09 "Portable fire extinguishers - Part 4: Maintenance" and qualified persons according to BetrSichV. The expert is responsible for the fire extinguishers tested by him. CWS service technicians are trained in accordance with DIN 14406-4 and BetrSichV and carry out fire extinguisher maintenance on your premises.

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How is fire extinguisher maintenance carried out?

In the context of fire extinguisher maintenance, all components of the fire extinguisher are checked for functionality and wear parts are replaced if necessary. The expert checks the general condition of the extinguisher, such as complete and legible labelling, cleanliness and paint. In addition, the triggering device, hoses, fuses or the extinguishing agent are checked. Furthermore, the fire extinguisher is checked for breaks, deformations, signs of corrosion and, in the case of rechargeable extinguishers, the propellant is tested. The basis for comprehensive fire extinguisher maintenance is DIN 14406 Part 4.

After successful maintenance and testing, the fire extinguisher receives a new maintenance certificate. The maintenance certificate provides information on when and who carried out the fire extinguisher maintenance and when the next inspection is necessary.

Important: A fire extinguisher must always be repaired or even replaced if a defect is found or the fire extinguisher has been used.

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The CWS experts will carry out fire extinguisher maintenance for you on site - anywhere in Germany. Contact your nearest CWS Fire Safety branch and get a quote.

If less than 5 fire extinguishers and no other fire protection equipment is to be serviced at your premises, we will be happy to carry out the fire extinguisher test at the nearest branch. Please contact us for drop-off and pick-up!

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