Fire protection closures: Doors, Gates & Curtains

Fire protection closures are designed to prevent the passage of fire through wall or ceiling openings.

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4 November 2022 Fire Safety

Fire protection closures are movable room closures. They serve to prevent the passage of fire through openings in fire-resistant or fire-retardant walls or ceilings. In this way, fire protection closures create important and safe fire compartments in case of fire. Doors, gates and roller shutters or curtains are available for this purpose. In addition, wall or ceiling flaps can be used.

Fire protection closure - The variants

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A fire protection closure can be made of various materials, such as steel, glass, aluminium and wood. It is important that the different materials have the same fire resistance class. In addition, a fire protection closure must be clearly marked. The areas of application are diverse, so they form an important fire protection measure for industrial and production plants, airports, offices or warehouses, among others.

Good to know: A fire protection closure is not automatically smoke-tight.

We give you an overview of possible fire protection closures for your building.

Fire door

A fire door as a fire protection closure is available in various designs and fire resistance classes. You can choose between fire doors made of steel, wood or visually very appealing tubular frame doors with full glazing, made of (stainless) steel or aluminium.

Good to know: A fire door is not automatically smoke-tight and therefore not the same as a smoke door. A smoke protection door only prevents the spread of smoke in the building and not the spread of fire. But a fire door can optionally provide smoke protection.

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Fire protection gate

A fire gate is suitable for large wall openings, e.g. in a warehouse, production facility or underground car park. It closes automatically in case of fire and keeps fire and smoke out. As a rule, fire gates are made of galvanised sheet steel; stainless steel or a paint finish in RAL colours are available as options.

Good to know: If a fire gate is used in escape and rescue routes, a wicket door is required.

Fire protection curtain

A fire curtain also protects large wall openings, but is more space-saving than fire doors. As a result, textile fire barriers are often used in shopping centres, museums or hotels. In addition, retrofitting is easier and the surface can be freely designed.

Good to know: There are three different types, the smoke apron, the smoke protection closure and the fire protection closure. Learn more here.

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Fire dampers

Fire dampers close automatically in the event of a fire, preventing smoke and fire from spreading through ventilation system ducts in the building. The CWS experts will be happy to advise you on the different variants. Learn more here.

Maintenance of fire protection closures

Fire protection launchers should function perfectly around the clock. For this reason, they must be inspected by a competent person at least once a year or according to the manufacturer's instructions. The following rules must be observed:

  • Technical rules for workplaces (ASR)
  • DIN 14677
  • Accident prevention regulations
  • DIBt guidelines
  • Information or test certificate of the manufacturer

Our fire protection experts will be happy to assist you with the regular maintenance of your fire protection closures to ensure that they are always in good working order. Contact us now.


CWS fire protection closures

CWS offers various fire protection closures as well as additional components such as swing door operators, hold-open systems or escape door terminals.

Learn more about our selection of fire doors and gates as well as door extension systems.

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