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28 March 2023 Fire Safety

Fire safety deficiencies repeatedly lead to new buildings not being completed and existing buildings being evacuated or only being allowed limited use. One of the most prominent examples of this is the capital's airport BER, whose opening date was repeatedly postponed due to fire protection deficiencies, among other things.

We show what is meant by a fire protection deficiency, what the consequences are and how you can avoid fire protection deficiencies with the support of experienced fire protection consultants.

What is a fire safety deficiency?

A fire protection deficiency describes a deviation of the actual situation from the target situation. This means that one or more fire protection devices do not or no longer fulfil the fire protection requirements of the building. Consequently, the fire protection in the building - and thus the safety for persons and property in case of fire - is no longer given. Fire protection deficiencies may therefore have serious consequences, so that the legislator defines various responsible parties who are liable for possible damage.

These include, among others, the operator of the building, managing directors, fire protection officers, architects, experts, specialist planners and specialist companies. In particular, the operator of a building must ensure that the actual condition of fire protection equipment (e.g. fire doors, fire extinguishers, wall hydrants or fire alarm systems) corresponds to the target condition. This means that there are no defects and that the fire protection systems are maintained and repaired in accordance with legal requirements.

A fire protection deficiency, e.g. a defective fire door that no longer closes properly, should be repaired promptly. If fire protection deficiencies pose a concrete danger to safety, immediately, otherwise within a reasonable period of time. This is what the ordinance on the inspection of technical installations of the federal states prescribes. The fire protection consultants at CWS will be happy to assist you in rectifying defects without delay.

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What are the consequences of fire safety deficiencies?

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A lack of fire protection leads to financial, but also legal as well as liability, insurance and safety problems.

  • Financial consequences:
    The elimination of fire protection deficiencies often costs more than careful planning, installation and maintenance and repair in accordance with regulations. In addition, there is possible downtime in operations if the fire safety deficiencies are so serious that further building use is prohibited or restricted.
  • Legal consequences:
    Depending on the type and severity of the fire protection deficiencies, private and criminal law consequences are to be expected, especially if there is personal injury or property damage in the event of a fire caused by the deficiencies.
  • Liability/insurance consequences:
    It is possible that insurance cover will lapse if the fire protection equipment has not been properly installed as well as tested.
  • Safety consequences:
    Ultimately, fire protection deficiencies lead to the fact that the protection of persons and property is no longer (or only partially) given. Safety in the building is therefore no longer guaranteed.

How can fire safety deficiencies be avoided?

It is important not to ignore or underestimate fire safety deficiencies, as the consequences can be severe. Consequently, structured fire protection planning as well as monitoring of fire protection facilities is indispensable in order to identify and remedy fire protection deficiencies at an early stage. Regular fire protection inspections as well as compliance with maintenance intervals for fire protection facilities are an important component in this regard.

In addition, the organisation, documentation and control of the elimination of fire protection deficiencies is crucial in order to be able to guarantee timely elimination of deficiencies internally and on the basis of official instructions.

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Our fire protection consultants provide holistic support for all trades - whether fire alarm systems, extinguishing water systems or fire doors - and throughout Germany.

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