Fire safety assistant training 2022

Fire Safety and Evacuation Assistant 2022 training is available as hybrid online training as well as face-to-face training.

Training to become a fire protection and evacuation assistant

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2 December 2021 Fire Safety

Training for fire protection and evacuation assistants 2022

If there has been a fire in a company, the consequences are often: loss of production, loss of orders or loss of customers. The German Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG §5) as well as the German Technical Rules for Workplaces (ASR A2.2) stipulate that at least 5 % of the workforce must be trained as fire protection and evacuation assistants. Fire protection and evacuation assistants are prepared to extinguish an incipient fire in an emergency, to alert the fire brigade as well as to warn persons present and to support evacuation. Refresher training for fire safety assistants should take place every 3 to 5 years. In times of pandemics, when contacts should be reduced as much as possible, this is not so easy, but there is a solution.

Live online training - the hybrid training option

For about a year now, we have been successfully offering the training for fire protection and evacuation assistants as hybrid online training, i.e. the theory part takes place in a live online training and the practical part, i.e. the fire extinguishing exercise, outside in the open.

To take part, registered participants receive an access link by e-mail, which they can use to participate - without having to download a programme or register anywhere. The fire safety trainer holds the online training live, i.e. he can respond directly to questions from the participants. The practical fire extinguishing exercise takes place afterwards by arrangement. CWS Fire Safety offers the practical part at various branches in Germany. After successful participation, the participants receive a corresponding certificate.

Reinraumschulung online

The next online dates are on:

  • 15.12.2021
  • 12.01.2022
  • 16.02.2022
  • 16.03.2022
  • 13.04.2022
  • 11.05.2022
  • 15.06.2022
  • or individual date request for larger number of participants

On-site training for fire protection and evacuation assistants

Trainer erklärt Feuerlöschübung Ausbilung BEH

In addition to online training, we still offer face-to-face training, either at our branch or directly at your company. We have adapted our training concept to the current hygiene regulations.

The next attendance dates are on:

  • 25.01.2022 in Münster
  • 15.02.2022 in Koblenz
  • 18.02.2022 in Bremen
  • 22.02.2022 in Münster
  • 04.03.2022 in Bielefeld
  • 23.03.2022 in Münster
  • 31.03.2022 in Ingolstadt
  • 08.04.2022 in Bielefeld
  • 22.04.2022 in Bremen
  • 27.04.2022 in Münster
  • 13.05.2022 in Bielefeld
  • 17.06.2022 in Bremen
  • 30.06.2022 in Ingolstadt
  • or individual date request for larger number of participants

Contents of fire protection and evacuation assistant training

Fire protection assistants and evacuation assistants support the rescue of people in case of fire, fight incipient fires and instruct the fire brigade. Fire protection assistants must be professionally instructed and regularly trained. During the training, we address the following questions, among others:

  • What does fire protection mean?
  • How should one act if there is a fire or the fire alarm sounds?
  • How does a fire start and what are the different stages?
  • How do you fight a fire? What do you have to watch out for?
  • When should the fire brigade be called in?
  • How should fire protection be organised in a company?
  • What exactly are the tasks of a fire protection assistant?
  • Practical part: What fire extinguishers are there, how are they used and what should be taken into account when extinguishing?
Brandschutzunterweisung mit CO2-Feuerlöscher Feuerlöschübung

Costs of training as a fire protection and evacuation assistant 2022

CWS Fire Safety offers training to become a fire protection and evacuation assistant. You can take part in the training either online or at our branches throughout Germany, as well as directly at your company according to your individual date requirements.

If you don't want to "burn the candle", then write to us and we will be happy to send you an offer.

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