Fire safety education for children

Fire safety education and early learning of proper behavior in the event of a fire is enormously important for children.

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18 May 2022 Fire Safety

Fire safety education - fire safety for children explained easily

The element of fire has a high and magical attraction for most children, as they are fascinated by the flickering and sparks. Fire awakens the great urge to discover and the curiosity of children.

In parallel, there is often a prohibition for children, the "do not play with fire!". However, the magic of the forbidden strengthens the interest in children and they look for the "play with fire" hidden - in the cellar, in the attic, under the bed or in the forest. There is a great danger that objects will quickly catch fire during clandestine ignition due to fear, lack of safety and concentration. Careless and unsafe handling of fire not infrequently leads to a (residential) fire as well as personal injury and property damage.

Fire prevention education

Fire safety education starts at this point and promotes the active gathering of experience with fire. The focus is on active and regular practice in dealing with fire in order to gain safety, reduce fears and learn the correct behavior. In the process, the thirst for knowledge is automatically quenched so that "clandestine ignition" can be prevented as far as possible. At the same time, knowledge of the dangers and a basic respect are taught.

Fire safety education should take place in kindergarten, elementary school and at home in order to effectively and sustainably prevent accidents. The cooperation of parents, teachers, educators and the fire department is necessary. This means that parents should also actively practice and internalize the correct behavior with their children - in addition to fire safety education in the daycare center or school.

Focus of fire safety education

The focus is on learning about the element of fire, the dangers and the correct behavior in case of fire. In detail, fire safety education for children should include the following points:

  • Learning about the element of fire
  • Recognizing the dangers of fire and smoke
  • Learning the correct behavior in case of fire
  • Knowing how to alert the fire department
  • Getting to know the fire department
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The local fire department is usually happy to conduct fire safety education in daycare centers or elementary schools. A smoke house or a special fire safety kit is often used to raise awareness of fire and what to do in the event of a fire. In addition, a special emergency telephone system can be used to make a realistic emergency call. For more information, contact your local fire department.

Fire behavior for children

Regeln für Kinder im Brandfall

It is important that children are educated about the dangers of fire and smoke.

Parents, educators and teachers also act as role models in dealing with fire. Children must learn the right way to behave in the event of a fire and know what to do if there is a fire.
For example, children should learn in case of fire:

  • Leave the room as quickly as possible and close the door to the source of the fire behind them.
  • Not to be considerate of toys, i.e., not to take or fetch them.
  • Not to hide out of fear.
  • Not to ride in the elevator.
  • To leave the house or apartment to the open air as quickly as possible and to warn other people.

If escape is not possible due to heavy smoke, close the door and, if possible, seal the door with wet cloths. After that, you should stand at the window to draw attention to yourself. Climbing out of a high window is not an escape option. Furthermore, children should know the emergency number 112 and how to make an emergency call according to the 4-W rules.

Regeln für Kinder im Brandfall leicht erklärt!

Fire safety with children

In principle, it is recommended to install a smoke detector in every child's room. In the event of an emergency, it will warn you in good time and save your life. Smoke is often more dangerous than the fire itself, as it contains many toxic substances and can lead to smoke poisoning within a short time. In the best case, of course, a dangerous situation does not arise in the first place. In this way, parents can reduce risks by taking preventive measures.

  • Illustrate the dangers of fire and smoke.
  • Practice the proper use of fire, e.g., how to properly handle a match or lighter. Use a fireproof pad when practicing.
  • Store ignition devices such as matches or lighters in a place inaccessible to children.
  • Never leave children unattended in the kitchen.
  • Secure electrical outlets in the home with child safety locks.
  • Practice alerting the fire department using the 4-W rules. Where is the emergency location? What has happened? Who is calling? Wait.

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