Global Handwashing Day 2021: Which handwashing type are you?

Join our 'wash your hands' challenge! Hand hygiene remains important to fight infections.


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15 October 2021 Hygiene

Our future is at hand, let's move forward

One important basic principle will always remain: "Wash your hands well and often". Hand hygiene is not only an important basic rule in relation to Corona; it makes an important contribution to reducing the spread of almost all infections transmitted by hands and surfaces. 

That is why this 15 October, on Global Handwashing Day, we are focusing worldwide in the importance of washing hands with soap. We launched a "Tag your friend" challenge on Facebook, consisting of a video and a quiz. In this challenge we try to make people aware of the importance of good hand hygiene in a light-hearted way. 

Which hand wash type are you? Tag your friend!

Wondering what handwashing type you are and what this says about you? Take the quiz and let us know what you think!

Who is the ultimate grease monkey in your group of friends?

Washing your hands is healthy

This year's theme for Global Handwashing Day is "Our future is at hand, let's move forward". A future in which hygiene remains a fundamental part of our health and safety.

Every day we come into contact with objects that can be full of bacteria. Think of a door handle, a chair railing, money or a lift button. In this way, we transfer germs to objects and other people with our hands. And that is not good for your health. Almost 80% of infections are spread by the hands. So promoting good hand hygiene is an effective way of preventing bacteria from spreading.

In Third World countries, poor hygiene can even lead to child mortality. For us, good hygiene is about preventing illness and therefore absenteeism. CWS helps organisations to raise their hygiene to a higher level.

Hygiene in your own hand

CWS places the right facilities in sanitary rooms to enable effective hand washing and drying. We supply products such as taps, soap dispensers and towel dispensers and provide service for them. Combined with active knowledge sharing, we contribute to good hand hygiene. This way we prevent cross contamination and reduce sickness absence. Check here which solutions promote good hand hygiene.