Global Recycling Day – Dare more circularity!

By thinking in cycles companies can prevent waste of resources and act sustainably by reusing materials.

Think Circular

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18 March 2022

Think Circular!
At CWS, we think in cycles. As an active part of the circular economy, the company contributes to a healthier, safer and more sustainable tomorrow. That's why Think Circular means reducing, recycling or reusing materials. We daily follow the logical three-step Reduce – Reuse – Recycle and search for further optimisation.

Global Recycling Day – Raising awareness for sustainability

The Bureau of International Recycling has declared 18 March the annual Global Recycling Day. The aim is to raise awareness of the issue of recycling and reuse of raw materials and to raise public awareness accordingly. Recycling should be established and recognised as the seventh resource, alongside water, coal, oil, gas and petroleum products. Reusing products and materials is an important lever for the sustainable development of companies.

CWS GreenMats – turning plastic bottles into sustainable dust control mats

CWS GreenMat in schwarz aus mehr als 10 recycelten 0,5 l PET-Flaschen!

Recycling can be simple. This is why turning plastic bottles into dust control mats is common practice at CWS: The CWS GreenMat is natural and environmentally friendly – it is particularly sustainable throughout its life and saves resources compared to similar products. Why? In order to produce the mat, we process up to one million PET bottles a year into the polyester material we use. In addition, a simpler and resource-saving washing process saves around 80 percent water and reduces CO2 emissions. Moreover, they are free of the rubber softener phthalate for the first time. This is pioneering work in the industry.

Alexander Glatzer, Senior Product Manager, explains the sustainable CWS GreenMat: "Our goal is to close the loop on our mats. That is why we are currently participating in the European research project Circular Sustainable Flooring, or Cisuflo for short. The members are working on high-quality processes to recycle old dust control mats directly into new ones. In addition, we run a donation project where we donate our discarded mats to charitable organisations, such as animal shelters. This way they don't end up in the rubbish, but still find a meaningful use."

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