Hand hygiene for children, the do's and don'ts

How to make hand washing with kids easier and more fun


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22 December 2022 Hygiene

Recently, the number of people with influenza (flu) increased significantly in Europe. There are also other viruses going around that cause respiratory symptoms. Such as the RS (respiratory syncytial) virus and the coronavirus SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). Flu and respiratory infections can be dangerous for, asthmatics, pregnant women, the elderly and small children.

Good hand hygiene helps prevent infection

Good hand hygiene is a method that is simple and effective in breaking infection chains. According to the WHO, up to 80 percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted by touching hands. Most adults know that good hand hygiene helps prevent the spread of these viruses, but how do you tackle it with children, and how do you make children enjoy washing their hands properly?

Washing hands with children

As all parents of young children know, the early years of kindergarten and grade school are marked by numerous infections. Especially when we are in a peak. So it is very important to prevent at least some of these infections through proper hand hygiene with children. Introduce them to basic hygiene from an early age. 

Make hygiene fun and intuitive

For many children in daycare centers and elementary schools, the day begins with hand washing, because good hand hygiene is a method that is simple and effective in breaking infection chains. The process of Hand Hygiene in children can be made more fun with a funny song or illustrative comics. But certainly also with products that are fun and intuitive to use - like the CWS PureLine hygiene solutions. 

Kinderen handen wassen

We offer tips on how to make handwashing with children in daycare, preschool and elementary school easier throughout the day:


  • Ideally, washrooms for children should be adapted to their height so that they can easily reach everything. Also, make sure it is a clean place so that children enjoy coming there and take the time they need.  

  • Example behavior from adults is very important. The rule is: participate in hand washing and show how it is done. Try to make it more fun by singing a handwashing song, or counting to twenty out loud.    

  • Most children are fascinated by touch-free soap dispensers and towel rolls that automatically retract. An added bonus is that they are also much more hygienic to use because the dispenser does not need to be touched.  


  • Do not force children to wash their hands, as this may eventually lead to refusal. Rather, make sure it is a fun activity.  

  • Avoid using aggressive products on children's hands. Products suitable for children are pH-neutral, allergy-free soaps certified with the EU Ecolabel.  

  •  Air dryers are not recommended, as their often very loud fans are quite frightening for many children. Rather, use paper towels or cotton towels.  

CWS PureLine

The new CWS PureLine offers a wide range of dispensers, that with their sensor technology or push system, are easy to operate and therefore child-friendly. With their welcoming colors, the dispensers provide a pleasant ambience and the rounded corners of the CWS PureLine significantly reduce the risk of bruises, even if the crowd at the sink is sometimes particularly large.  

Hygiene fun and easy
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