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How to ensure a feel-good atmosphere when it comes to hygiene

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1 March 2022 Hygiene

There are certainly many reasons to work from home: You don't have to fight through rush-hour traffic, and if need be, you can wear the same sweatpants for five days. But there are certainly just as many reasons to work from the office.

The exchange with colleagues brings more ideas than the conversation with the hamster at home, you are less distracted by the household chores that still need to be done and, above all, it is easier to draw the line between work and free time if both are spatially separated as well.

Hand hygiene helps

Many people returned to their office situations last year - and quite a few probably with a queasy feeling. After many months of "social distancing", suddenly having to meet so many other people again, sharing a washroom or kitchen with them? For employers who want their employees to enjoy coming to work, to feel safe and comfortable there, and to be able to work in a correspondingly relaxed manner, the hygiene of the working environment is therefore crucial. Especially since a hygienic work environment can generally prevent absences due to illness. Thorough hand hygiene - including in the washrooms of workplaces - could have prevented many of these cases of illness and saved costs accordingly.

Woman disinfecting her hands at work

What is needed to maintain a proper washroom

Washroom equipped with white CWS PureLine dispensers

So careful washroom management is needed to ensure that there is always sufficient soap, drying facilities, surface cleaner and disinfectants, as well as final skin care. Particularly in heavily frequented washrooms, non-touch dispensers provide a plus in hygiene and currently also take into account the need of many people to come into contact with as few surfaces as possible. To also keep skin feeling optimal, the soaps used in the CWS PureLine dispensers are pH skin neutral, allergen-free and have been awarded the EU Ecolabel.

So not only a plus in hygiene, but also a plus in environmental compatibility. Not uninteresting to strengthen one's own employer brand and to stand up for one's employees not only in terms of hygiene, but also for a sustainable economy.

No more stuffy air in the office

Wherever a lot of people come together, the air can quickly become stuffy. Many diseases are easily transmitted through the air, and wide-open windows are not always pleasant in all weather conditions. Air purifiers can provide a remedy, such as the CWS INTERsens® 250R, a combined disinfection and air purification device that uses UV-C to reliably render viruses and other pathogens harmless. No UV-C light penetrates to the outside and no ozone or other by-products have been proven to be generated, but the device operates quietly and odorless. The CWS INTERsens® 250R is available both as a stand-alone unit and for wall mounting.

CWS INTERsens Büro

How to smell good

Woman breathing in fresh air in the office

Our nose is an often underestimated organ, because what we smell influences us more than we realize. A good indoor climate is therefore also dependent on what employees smell. To ensure that everything is "fragrant" in the workplace, too, there is the CWS Air Bar, which releases a pleasant fragrance wherever guests, customers and employees are present. Without any aerosol propellants, but with a wide range of fragrances.

So when washroom and air quality ensure workplace hygiene is at a high level, employees can feel safe and have peace of mind about personal encounters in the workplace.

You can find more information here or contact us directly. We will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to the right hygiene solution for you!

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