A hygiene box in your toilets? Here are 5 key benefits

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28 June 2023 Hygiene

A hygiene box is indispensable in any toilet, whether it is for a men's, women's or gender-neutral toilet. It provides a discreet solution for disposing of hygiene products, prevents blockages, ensures cleanliness, improves user comfort, and shows concern for the user's needs. Read below the 5 key reasons for having a sanitary box in every toilet

1 Properly disposing of menstrual and incontinence products  

A hygiene box supplies a designated and discreet place for properly disposing of menstrual hygiene products such as pads, tampons, and panty liners. A sanitary box is also indispensable for people who want to dispose of their incontinence products. Its placement prevents these products from being thrown on the ground or flushed down the toilet, which can lead to toilet clogging and cause environmental pollution. The hygiene box ensures that these products are disposed of safely and hygienically. 

paradiseline hygiene box

2 Prevents clogging and drainage problems

Clogged Toilet

Flushing menstrual hygiene products, incontinence materials or diapers down the toilet can cause clogged pipes and plumbing problems. In addition, it is very bad for the environment if these products end up in the sewer. Hygiene boxes help prevent these problems by encouraging users to properly dispose of these items instead of flushing them down the drain. This can save significant maintenance costs, prevent disruptions in the operation of toilet facilities and help protect the environment. 

3 Maintains cleanliness and hygiene

A sanitary box contributes to the cleanliness, hygiene, and overall functionality of the toilets. Providing a dedicated place to dispose of hygiene products prevents inappropriate disposal, such as on the floor. This reduces the risk of an unsanitary toilet, odors, dirty mess and the spread of bacteria or infections. A non-touch hygiene box is even more hygienic, because the box itself doesn't need to be touched.

Using the CWS Hygiene box

4 User comfort and convenience

Happy Toilet Roll

A hygiene box in the toilet provides convenience, especially for people who need to dispose of menstrual or incontinence products. Users do not have to carry these items around the washroom or look for alternative disposal methods outside the sanitary facilities. It also helps prevent them from resorting to inappropriate disposal methods or being embarrassed or inconvenienced by a lack of proper facilities. A sanitary waste bin gives a more comfortable and hassle-free toilet experience for all users. 

5 Shows concern for the needs of users  

Placing a sanitary box in your toilets shows care and consideration for the specific needs of your toilet and washroom users. It shows that your facility or establishment recognizes and respects their hygiene needs. This can contribute to a positive perception of the facility, increase user satisfaction, and create an inviting environment for all people. 

Happy toilet user

The final tip 

Always show guests whether there is a hygiene box in the toilet  - clear instructions and proper signage on how to use the bin can ensure that users understand its purpose and encourage proper disposal. 

CWS makes it easy for you 

It is important that the hygiene box is emptied and cleaned regularly to keep hygiene standards high and prevent unpleasant odors. CWS takes this process completely off your hands and provides timely collection of the filled sanitary boxes and placement of hygienically cleaned ones.  

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