INTERsens®: Sustainability built in by design

Designing recyclable products requires foresight: what effects does a device have on the environment during its use, but also at the end of its product life cycle? INTERsens® has consistently thought this through. The result: an enkelfähig hygiene product.

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4 August 2022 Hygiene

Tomorrow, now – this thought guides all our products and services. In the midst of the pandemic, when people were thinking about what a "new normal" might look like, CWS developed the sustainable INTERsens® disinfection and air purification device, which uses UV-C to kill viruses and pathogens. It is ideal for use in offices, schools, nurseries and other buildings where many people gather.

INTERsens® works without ozone or chemicals and does not use toxic HEPA filters that would end up as hazardous waste. The UV-C air purifiers suck in the air together with the pathogens it contains and disinfect it inside before releasing it again. Viruses, bacteria and fungi are destroyed immediately – filterless, quiet and odourless. This combined disinfection and air purification unit thus prevents the infection with airborne pathogens and breaks chains of infection in the case of influenza, SARS, measles, chicken pox, pertussis and even Covid-19.

Product development focusing on circular economy

Based on years of experience in the hygiene sector, CWS also offers professional and safe service solutions for air filters, contributing to a more sustainable and healthier environment. At the end of the life cycle, most components are reused in other equipment. This keeps the material in the cycle for longer while saving resources.

INTERsens® is one of the most sustainable hygiene products made by CWS. And this is no coincidence: even during the development process of CWS products, we regularly check whether the idea of the circular economy is implemented as well as possible. Among other things, we ensure the use of optimal materials and processing methods. We also examine which levers exist to make the product even more sustainable. Specially developed calculation programmes help to determine the sustainability of planned products in advance. This allows the developers to see from the outset which materials and certifications they need to achieve the desired result. This supports them in the process. develop recyclable products such as INTERsens®.

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