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The CWS cotton towel roll is sustainable and offers a high standard of hygiene.


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3 February 2022 Hygiene

A well-equipped washroom offers both washing and drying facilities for its users. Hygienic hand cleaning also includes the correct and thorough drying of hands after washing. This is because wet hands can transmit up to 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands. Without properly dried hands, the positive effect of hand washing may be partially or completely nullified.

Hygiene and sustainability go hand in hand

Hygiene and environmental protection are even more intertwined, especially due to the pandemic. Because more disposable hygiene products are in use, the amount of waste steadily grows. The recycling company Der Grüne Punkt - Duales System Deutschland GmbH has found that since March 2020, around ten per cent more packaging waste has been generated from private households. This is despite the fact that the figures in this area have been consistently falling in previous years. However, the cotton towel roll offers a sustainable and safe way to ensure hygiene. Cotton towel rolls are a hygienic and convenient way to dry your hands and offer every user a fresh, unused section.

The cotton towel roll – leaves hands clean and dry in no time

Friction during drying after washing eliminates potential pathogens and makes it more difficult for bacteria to multiply on dried skin. By physically separating the clean and used sections of the cotton towel roll inside the dispenser, using it is just as hygienic as using paper towels.

Sustainable service – made by CWS

Cotton towel rolls are environmentally friendly. They can be reprocessed up to 100 times in CWS laundries. A single roll of cotton towels replaces up to 20,000 paper towels over its lifetime. This calculation is based on the "CWS Slim-Roll" model, in which each roll represents around 110 individual hand drying processes. An additional assumption is the service life of around 100 washing cycles. In addition, the comparison is based on the use of two simple paper towels of medium type and quality per drying process. With the CWS service, used cotton towel rolls are also replaced and freshly cleaned when returned.

The cotton towel roll in a new design - CWS PureLine

Recently, the CWS fabric towel dispenser shines in a new design with the new dispenser line CWS PureLine.

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