New customer promotion: workwear for the logistics industry

Around 3.6 million people work in logistics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. People who ensure our supply every day - quickly, punctually and reliably.

CWS Workwear offers companies in the logistics and transport sectors suitable workwear and protective clothing at flexible rental conditions - because if you want to make a difference, you have to be able to move. Attractive promotional prices apply until the end of November 2022.

Flexibel, robust, sichtbar: Arbeitskleidung für die Logistik

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5 October 2022 Workwear

Optimum freedom of movement: workwear for logistics

The economic sector "Logistics" ensures the international competitiveness of industry and trade. The structure of the sector in Germany is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises and is developing rapidly, as industry and trade are placing increasingly high and complex demands on their logistics service providers.

Forwarding companies have responded extremely flexibly and dynamically to this and offer their customers a broad portfolio of services that not only individualizes the classic four service areas of transport, transshipment, warehousing and customs clearance or their organization, but also supplements them with - increasingly digital - services. Successful logisticians must have in-depth knowledge of the process and supply chains of trade and industry.


Activities that demand a lot from employees: forced postures and incorrect strain (due to long periods of sitting and heavy lifting, for example), time and deadline pressure or unfavorable weather and visibility conditions. Work clothing in the logistics sector should therefore be equipped with climate-regulating properties, have an excellent fit, be quickly recognizable and offer plenty of freedom of movement.

Professional competenc: flexibility and cooperation

CWS Arbeitskleidung für die Logistik Dunkelgrau

Here today, there tomorrow: Those who work in logistics and transportation are often away from their own operations. Flexibility is required in order to be able to constantly adapt to new situations. It is helpful and indispensable to have work clothing that immediately signals a specific company affiliation and offers the wearer the greatest possible freedom of movement. Advancing digitalization and state-of-the-art technologies in the field of warehouse logistics also increase the risk of occupational accidents. A frequently encountered danger is being overlooked, because many things happen simultaneously and sometimes highly automated. Professional work clothing therefore offers the necessary protection.

Changing workplace conditions

Every job site has its own challenges; for example, warning and weather-protective clothing is required by law for employees in road and rail transport. Eye-catching colors and reflective stripes on the shoulder, which catch the eye even when bending down, make workwear from CWS an indispensable team player - in all lighting conditions. Because even in broad daylight, someone wearing warning yellow workwear, for example, is seen better; they simply stand out more in front of the work environment in the color-intensive, brilliant warning clothing. This turns an "eye-catcher" into safety and reduces the risk of "being overlooked".

Do you know this? The high-visibility vest is in the vehicle, while you yourself run again briefly into the warehouse? As an alternative to the vest, we offer fashionable T-shirts and polo shirts with long and short sleeves in warning yellow and warning orange. An additional warning vest becomes superfluous!

CWS Arbeitskleidung für die Logistik in Warnfarben

In logistics, no day is like any other

CWS Arbeitskleidung für die Logistik

Reacting at short notice and overturning all plans. The logistics industry knows all about change . A high degree of flexibility is required to meet all requirements.

So if you move around a lot on the job and want to get ahead, you need clothing that can take it all. Highly elastic stretch inserts, an ergonomic fit and our proven comfort waistband ensure a comfortable fit. Breathable, flexible fabric, plenty of storage space thanks to various pockets and reflective elements for increased visibility are also included.

In addition to good signaling and freedom of movement, work clothing for the logistics sector should also provide reliable protection against wind, cold and moisture. Cooling down or even overheating of the wearer must be prevented at all costs; climate-regulating wearing properties of the clothing are therefore essential.

Fluctuating order levels and accompanying staffing changes?

No problem for us, because we think that good workwear should not only provide reliable protection, it should also be flexible to order, return, re-procure quickly and change seasonally. Ask about CWS Workwear's FLEX Service when your choice for high-quality, professional workwear comes down to us as a full-service provider.

So why not "charter" work clothes as well?

CWS Arbeitskleidung für die Logistikbranche

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