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5 May 2021 Workwear

When it comes to high-visibility clothing, companies don't have to compromise on sustainable materials. CWS Workwear, service provider for workwear, leads the way and relies on a 100 percent ecological fabric for its new high-visibility protection collection CWS Alpha HighVis. At the same time, the clothing offers UV protection, is soft and comfortable and available in various attractive color combinations.

Small ecological footprint

The new CWS Alpha HighVis high-visibility  collection consists of the environmentally friendly Tecawork Ecogreen™ fabric, which is certified according to EPD® [1]. The fibers are a blend of Lyocell, obtained from sustainable timber cultivation, and recycled polyester from PET bottles. Those who focus on sustainable sourcing hereby receive an all-around sustainable protective clothing for their team.

"The clothing's ecological footprint is significantly smaller compared to classic cotton-polyester blended fabric. Water consumption during production is thus reduced by 95 percent, and energy consumption by 45 percent," explains Michael Stielow, Head of Product Management Workwear at CWS. In addition, significantly fewer chemicals and pesticides are required. The fabric as well as the clothing were also manufactured in Europe. "Following our high-visibility clothing with Fairtrade cotton, we now have the right high-visibility protection for every requirement," says Stielow.

Soft fabric with feel-good factor

Gone are the days when high-visibility protection is merely a means to an end. The fabric of this high-visibility clothing is soft to the touch and durable at the same time. Thanks to its breathability, a good climate is promoted during physical activities. The collection includes waistband and dungarees as well as work jacket of high visibility class 2, and waistband trousers of high visibility class 1, which are suitable for dirt-prone work due to the dark hip and seat area. Attractive color combinations in warning yellow and warning orange with dark gray, dark blue and dark green. The collection is suitable for year-round use and for men and women alike. In the mix & match principle, the collection is also versatile to combine.

UV protection & numerous basics

"Since high-visibility clothing is primarily worn during outdoor activities, good UV protection offers additional protection for wearers, especially in the warmer months. That's why we have UV protection factor 40+ according to EN13758-2 in the fabric of the CWS Alpha HighVis," explains textile expert Stielow.

To ensure that employees are visible and protected from the sun all year round, CWS also offers a whole new range of new polo shirts with short and long sleeves, as well as T-shirts, in warning yellow and warning orange, each with reflective stripes all around. For the first time, CWS is also offering the high-contrast combination of both warning colors. These are also sustainable, durable and skin-friendly textile fibers made from organic cotton and recycled polyester with UV protection factor 40+. Solid-colored softshell jackets and zip sweatshirts round out the new high-visibility range. All basics pieces run under the collection name CWS Core HighVis.

CWS Alpha HighVis is available in warning yellow now and in warning orange from fall 2021.

Hygienic CWS Service

Like all CWS collections, CWS Alpha HighVis is also available with flexible all-round service. This means that companies benefit several times over: the clothing is washed hygienically, maintained over the long term and checked for safety. If necessary, CWS repairs the textiles, replaces them in case of wear or in case of size changes. The service provider also takes care of transport to and from the customer. If desired, CWS can also apply the employee name and company logo to the workwear.

1 The EPD® is a certified environmental product declaration that presents environmental data from the life cycle of products in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025. It provides comprehensive information on the extent to which the environment was affected in the manufacture and procurement of a product - with a view to water and energy consumption, the use of chemicals, the generation of emissions and waste, and transport routes.