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Back to the real world - a hygiene concept for conference rooms brings conference guests back to the hotels.

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2 June 2022 Hygiene

Finally meeting clients or colleagues again, live and in colour! What was normal a good two years ago is something special again today. And for hotel businesses with connected meeting rooms, the return to the analogue world is a blessing. But after the long period of "social distancing", many things are different.

For example, the increased sensitivity of many people to hygiene aspects. To give guests a solid feeling of safety, it is worthwhile for providers of conference rooms to invest a little time in a comprehensive hygiene concept. And as we all know: Hygiene starts with the hands. Washing, drying, disinfecting - the PureLine from CWS offers suitable dispensers and products for hand hygiene. Especially in heavily frequented washrooms, the automatic dispensers ensure extra hygiene and meet the need of many people to come into contact with as few surfaces as possible. At the same time, the PureLine, with its purist, modern, timeless design, can be harmoniously integrated into any washroom and hotel facilities. Therefore it was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award in the product design category in March 2022.

Fresh air in all weathers

Regular ventilation ensures the necessary exchange of air in rooms and removes possible pathogens. But giving a lecture when the tram is rattling outside or the jackhammer is in use? Difficult. Moreover, wide-open windows are not pleasant or helpful in all weather conditions. Nevertheless, air purifiers can be used to prevent the transmission of diseases through the air. For example, the CWS INTERsens® 250R, a combined disinfection and air purification device that uses UV-C to reliably render viruses and other pathogens harmless. No UV-C light penetrates to the outside and it has been proven that neither ozone nor other by-products are produced, but the device works quietly and without filters or odors. It can therefore also be used during a conference without any problems. The CWS air purifier unit can be used either as a standing unit or hanging on the wall. Thanks to its unobtrusive design, it fits in with any hotel interior.

CWS Luftreinigungsgerät in einem Büro

Always follow your nose

Woman smelling flowers and smiling

Smells have an often underestimated influence on our emotions. They help decide whether we like someone or not. Bad smells alert and warn us, pleasant scents help against stress and can contribute to relaxation. Where people work together in a concentrated manner in a confined space, thick air can develop - hopefully only in a figurative sense. Fragrance dispensers are an elegant, technical solution that can provide relief. After all, the same applies here: Ventilation is not always the remedy of choice, for example on busy roads. The CWS Air Bar provides pleasant fragrances with eleven different aromas. Completely without aerosol propellants and battery-operated, it is quick and easy to install and replace.

A good hygiene concept does not have to be complicated at all, so that conference guests feel comfortable and are sure to come back. Feel free to contact us directly. We will advise you on all questions concerning the right hygiene solution for you!

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