Polish company Stalatube, chooses CWS Workwear

Modern workwear and reliable service convinces manufacturer of stainless-steel elements.

Pan Arkadiusz

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12 September 2023 Workwear
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Stalatube has been working with CWS Polska for more than nine months. The company needed a reliable workwear supplier that would provide the best service: clean yet modern workwear and protective clothing with a reliable service and delivery.

Stalatube is a renowned manufacturer of diverse and highly specialised stainless steel hollow sections, I-sections and components. Their products are designed for, among others, oil platforms, nuclear power plants and bus manufacturing

Stalatube production is highly automated. They use CNC equipment and lasers, which automatically cut large sheets and stainless-steel profiles. Then they are processed by workers on the subsequent lines into the components, until the final welding. Workers must therefore be adequately protected against cuts, metal splatter, heat and metal chips.

For the past two years, Stalatube had been using another service provider for workwear.

However, the garments supplied were heavily worn and did not look appealing and the company was unhappy with the way the repairs were conducted. There were also problems with deadlines and deliveries and sometimes with shortages of garments returning after washing. Therefore, despite of good financial terms offered by the competitor, Stalatube decided to start working with CWS Workwear. 

Arkadiusz Baran, plant manager at Stalatube, explains why CWS workwear was a good choice.

Why CWS Workwear?


There is a difference in the approach and quality of service provided by CWS Workwear compared to previous service provider.

CWS offers very good quality workwear, especially when it comes to PPE for welders. We chose CWS Alpha Welding 2 collection, which works well in our plant.

According to the users, the garments are light and breathable. More importantly, CWS was able to provide a suitable workwear of each size, even the tallest one, which is particularly important to protect our employees from liquid metal splashes

The welding protection workwear Alpha Welding 2 also meets our requirements in terms of company image, since the workwear matches the colors of our organisation.

How you benefit using the workwear service?

Using the CWS workwear service gives us a long-term savings. But this is only part of the benefits offered by the service. Firstly in such a case there is no need to control the entire process related to the purchase and care and control the garments. Neither do need we nned to employ or dedicate a person to take care of this process.

If the workwear is washed by the employee at home, especially in the industry sector, the clothes are purchased every six months, which generates high costs.

In addition, the employer should calculate and document the laundry allowance offered. This process is time-consuming and does not allow us to focus on what is most important to us, namely managing production. In addition, with frequent changes in energy prices, this process would have to be carried out more frequently and thus, more time would have to be spent on administrative matters.

What do our customers say

We chose the best supplier for our needs. CWS offers very good quality workwear, especially when it comes to PPE for welders. The CWS collection Alpha Welding 2 meets our requirements in terms of quality and safety. 

Arkadiusz Baran, Plant Director at Stalatube