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19 August 2019 Fire Safety

Fire protection is a management task

Employers, regardless of whether they are entrepreneurs or managing directors, are responsible for fire protection in the factory and office. Regardless of whether the company works in its own building or is rented out. This is what the legal requirements want. In the worst case, those responsible in the company are personally liable. A number shows how important preventive fire protection is in a company. 43 percent of companies become insolvent after a fire: customers migrate during a business interruption, market shares are lost, employees have to be laid off.

In fire protection, managers are also faced with very practical requirements. For example, you can use the following questions to check how fire protection is in your company:

  • Is the fire protection concept observed during the renovation?
  • Does the IT also allocate the cable routes according to the specifications so that a fire can be prevented?
  • Are the fire doors regularly and professionally maintained?
  • Are the fire seals correctly implemented to prevent the passage of flames and smoke into other areas?

All of this and much more serves to protect people, production and the environment. With CWS Fire Safety, those responsible have a professional fire protection partner at their side.

Fire protection for factories and offices

"We see ourselves as a full-service provider in preventive fire protection," says Christian Bock, CWS Fire Safety branch manager in Bielefeld. Our clients bring in experts with us who cover the entire spectrum of preventive fire protection as far as possible. Starting with early, expert advice in the planning phase up to equipping the existing building with all necessary fire protection equipment including fire protection concepts and plans.

One of our strengths is the design and construction of extinguishing and fire alarm systems. "We are certified fire alarm system installers," explains Patrick Mula, head of the CWS Fire Safety branch in Frankfurt. "In order to reduce the workload for the customer, we also take care of interface management to other electronically controlled safety devices." CWS Fire Safety carries out assembly, maintenance and servicing just as professionally as training courses for fire protection and evacuation helpers. “Our customers feel they are in good hands at all times,” Bock and Mula agree.

CWS Fire Safety provides highly qualified fire protection solutions for manufacturing companies, for example automotive suppliers, mechanical engineers and chemicals, for IT companies, the real estate industry and the hotel industry. Public clients have also trusted the expertise of CWS Fire Safety for years.

What about your fire protection in your company and office?

Do you have any questions about preventive fire protection?

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