Self-closing fire doors

Door closers for fire doors are mandatory. We show options that combine fire protection & accessibility.

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17 March 2023 Fire Safety

In an emergency, fire doors ensure that a fire does not spread further and that escape routes remain accessible. For this purpose, it is necessary that fire doors are self-closing and tight. Only closed doors can prevent the spread of fire and keep escape and rescue routes smoke-free for as long as possible.

Learn more about self-closing fire doors, different door closers and options to ensure accessibility despite self-closing doors in this article.

Does a fire door have to be self-closing?

Muss eine Brandschutztür selbstschließend sein - CWS Fire Safety

Yes, it is required by building law that fire doors are self-closing. Door closers are mandatory for fire doors in order to ensure their functionality and thus fire protection in the building at all times.

At the same time, self-closing fire doors are often perceived as barriers in everyday life, so that they are illegally kept open. However, there are adequate solutions for fire door closers that keep them open during normal operation and automatically close them in the event of a fire.

Important: Wedging a fire door is even punishable by law. You can find more information here.

Door closer for fire doors

Door closers ensure that a manually opened door closes by itself. There are two different types - overhead door closers and floor springs. Overhead door closers are attached to the upper door rebate (or door frame) with a slide rail or linkage. Floor-mounted door closers are concealed in the floor or the door leaf. The closing speed and delay of the door can be individually adjusted depending on the model.

Door closers for other purposes

A door closer can also be used for other purposes in addition to fire doors. For example, door closers are often installed on passage doors in public buildings, offices or meeting places. Other areas of application are:

  •     Burglary protection
  •     Noise protection
  •     Thermal insulation
  •     Hygiene


Türschließer für Brandschutztüren - CWS Fire Safety

Self-closing fire doors without barriers!

Self-closing fire doors are often perceived as a barrier in everyday life because they are more difficult to open. This is especially true for children, older people and people with physical disabilities. The reason for this is that opening the door requires the same amount of force as is needed to close the fire door.

One solution for barrier-free self-closing fire doors is door closers with a freeswing function. Furthermore, hold-open systems and swing door drives can provide more accessibility. Hold-open systems ensure that self-closing fire doors can remain open during normal operation and only close automatically in the event of a fire. This ensures both accessibility and fire protection in the building.

CWS is your expert for self-closing fire doors - throughout Germany. Our experts will advise you without obligation on self-closing fire doors (from T30, T90 to T120), door closers and possible extensions (such as hold-open systems). Request advice now.

Selbstschließende Brandschutztüren ohne Barrieren

Questions & Answers

Self-closing fire doors

Are fire doors always self-closing?

Yes, the building regulations stipulate that fire doors must always be self-closing. This means that they can only prevent the spread of fire when they are closed. Keeping fire doors open is even a punishable offence.

What is meant by a self-closing door?

A self-closing door ensures that the door is closed independently after each manual opening. For this purpose, a door closer is mounted above or below the door.

When may self-closing fire doors be kept open?

Never, a self-closing fire door may under no circumstances be held open with a wedge or other objects. Keeping a fire door open is only permitted with approved hold-open systems or swing door drive systems. Our experts will be happy to inform you about possibilities in your building. Contact us now.

Is it possible to retrofit door closers with a freeswing function or hold-open system?

In principle, self-closing fire doors can be retrofitted with door closers with a freeswing function or a hold-open system. Contact our experts for a non-binding consultation.

Where are door closers mandatory?

In principle, door closers are mandatory for all fire doors (T30, T60, T90, etc.), as these must always be self-closing. There are also other applications, e.g. for burglary, noise or heat protection.

Do you still have questions about self-closing fire doors?

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