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7 March 2022 Hygiene

The facilities in your washroom need to be closely examined, as this can mean the difference for your customers or employees between coming back or staying away.

According to a study conducted by the University of Erfurt in April 2021 with the German Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA), about 70 percent of the population "frequently" or "always" comply with the recommendation to wash their hands this thoroughly. The authors also found that:

  • 83% of respondents frequently or always wash their hands coming home from outdoors,
  • 80% after visiting public places,
  • 84% after using public transportation and
  • 84% before visiting someone who is in poor health because of an illness.

This suggests that washrooms for customers, visitors and employees should expect to be viewed particularly critically. After all, most people's hygiene awareness has clearly increased after two years of the Corona pandemic. And with that, tolerance for empty soap dispensers, inadequate hand-drying facilities or a lack of disinfectants has likely declined. And we all know that dissatisfied customers usually do not come back and with critical comments do not contribute to a good image.

Smart products for all situations

Sensor Technology NT

So a washroom needs reliable management and products that work flawlessly even with intensive use , are good for the skin and the environment - and have a design that is timelessly modern. CWS offers all this with its new PureLine. Its portfolio ranges from soap dispensers to cotton and paper towels to disinfectants and care lotions. Because clean, dry and healthy skin doesn't give germs a chance.

And so that you don't have to touch a dispenser that feels unclean with clean hands, the PureLine is optionally equipped with sensor technology or designed as a push system.

By the way, the icing on the cake of this dispenser family is its IoT readiness. Stay tuned, because we will tell you more about that in the summer of 2022.

Smart fragrances for greater well-being

Let's stay in the present for now. And in the present, our nose is an organ that is often underestimated. Smells influence whether we like someone or not. Bad smells alert and warn us, for example in the case of spoiled food or escaping gas. Scents help against stress and can contribute to relaxation. To ensure that your customers' noses are also convinced in your premises, there is the CWS Air Bar, which provides a pleasant scent with eleven different aromas. Completely without aerosol propellants and battery-powered, so quick and easy to install.

Bad smell office

Reliably clean air

Virus in the air

To ensure that it not only smells good, but that the air itself is really clean, you should ventilate regularly. Also something we have heard more than often in the last two years. But wide open windows are not pleasant in every weather condition. To prevent the transmission of diseases through the air, our combined disinfection and air purification devices can be used. These use UV-C to  reliably render viruses and other pathogens harmless. No UV-C light penetrates to the outside and no ozone or other by-products are produced, but the device works quietly and odorlessly. The air purifier can be used as a stand-alone unit or mounted on the wall.

Conclusion: Washroom top, odor top, air quality top - customers satisfied!

You can find more information here or contact us directly. We will be happy to advise you on all questions concerning the right hygiene solution for you!

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