Step by step: CWS Netherlands orders first electric vans for its vehicle fleet

A major step to reducing CO2 emissions and cutting fuel consumption: Pilot on using electric vehicles in the Netherlands started.

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The service fleet in the Netherlands currently is 513 vehicles strong – and grew by a new service truck last week. The catch: The newly added vehicle is a fully electric prototype made by Ford. This makes CWS one of the first test customers for the electric version of the well-known delivery van in the country. CWS Netherlands does not stop there though: The company already ordered a dozen more trucks that will be delivered by the beginning of 2023 at the latest. Furthermore, one 16-ton electric truck retires with a younger specimen taking its place. 

Electric mobility for a healthier and safer tomorrow 
“We always observe the international market for smart and sustainable solutions to improve our everyday performance. Therefore, we decided to successively roll out electric vehicles in our service fleet”, explains Monique Visscher, Fleet Coordinator of CWS Hygiene and Workwear in the Netherlands. “We are proud that we could make another big step towards emission reduction. Our next objective is to order a new full electric maintenance service vehicle for replacement next year.” 

With the delivery of this first Ford E-Transit 4.25T, CWS Netherlands took a major step towards making its fleet more sustainable. With a payload capacity of 1,395 kilos, the E-Transit is unique in its class of fully electric trucks. It will carry products for the CWS Hygiene depot in Deventer. Expected driving distance is between 130 and 140 kilometers per day. In short: The company is electrified when it comes to making business operations even more sustainable.