Touchless soap dispensers: What hygiene benefits do they bring?

Touchless soap dispensers are an essential part of modern sanitary hygiene and are increasingly used in public washrooms, restaurants and professional kitchens. They not only reduce the risk of infection from viral and bacterial diseases, but also contribute to reduced use of soap and cost efficiency in sanitation facilities. Find out what other benefits contactless soap dispensers offer. 

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22 June 2022 Hygiene

What are the advantages of touchless soap dispensers over manual ones? 

In diesem Artikel erfahren Sie, welche Vorteile berührungslose Seifenspender im Vergleich zu manuellen Seifenspendern in sanitären Einrichtungen bieten. Dabei sind insbesondere die folgenden 3 Vorteile hervorzuheben:

In this article, you will learn which advantages touchless soap dispensers offer compared to manual soap dispensers in sanitary facilities. In particular, the following 3 advantages are worth mentioning: 

  1. Reduction of the risk for infectious diseases
  2. Reduction in consumption and cost efficiency 
  3. Convenient operation and reduced cleaning effort

1. Reduction of the risk for infectious diseases

Transmission of viruses and bacteria through the hands is the second most common source of infections after respiratory infections. Therefore, hand washing is essential for health and disease prevention. Surfaces of hand soap dispensers in public washrooms are often a hotbed for disease-causing germs and bacteria.    

Touchless soap dispensers, which prevent direct contact of surfaces with hands, offer a solution. They significantly reduce the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria and prevent cross-contamination. They therefore offer employees, customers and visitors a higher level of infection protection and hygiene than conventional soap dispensers.    

2. Consumption reduction and cost efficiency 

Touch-free soap dispensers are not only more hygienic than manual soap dispensers, but they also help reduce soap consumption. High soap consumption in public restrooms is a common problem. Liquid soap dispensers with sensors dispense only the preset amount of soap, allowing for optimal reduction and control of consumption.    

For busy washrooms, therefore, non-touch soap dispensers are the ideal solution for minimizing the consumption of hand soap without compromising hygiene. This has an optimal effect on reducing ongoing monthly soap costs in public washrooms. 

3. Convenient operation and reduced cleaning effort

In addition to effective hygiene protection, electric soap dispensers offer the advantage of easy and uncomplicated operation. The built-in sensor automatically detects hand movement and starts the drip-free soap dispensing process without touching. The simplified and user-friendly operation also benefits children, the elderly and people with limited mobility.    

The integrated auto-stop function ensures that only a controlled amount of soap is dispensed. As a result, no excess soap ends up on the floor, which significantly reduces cleaning effort and likewise makes a positive difference in terms of the sustainability of public washrooms.   

Touchless soap dispenser from CWS PureLine 

Discover the touchless soap dispensers from the CWS PureLine for optimal hand hygiene and more sustainability and efficiency in your washrooms. The sensor soap dispensers of the CWS PureLine product family meet the highest hygiene standards, can be operated intuitively and are always ready for use.   

The no-touch function with intelligent sensor technology effectively prevents unnecessary contact with surfaces and thus the transmission of viruses, bacteria and germs - for better health protection and less contamination in companies and public facilities. 

The modern design of the non-touch soap dispensers from CWS enables stylish equipment for all washrooms. Each dispenser is suitable for wall mounting and is available in three sophisticated colors. This allows the automatic soap dispensers to be placed in the desired location and perfectly coordinated with the rest of your sanitary equipment.    

Below we provide an overview and the advantages of the variants of the touchless soap dispensers in the CWS PureLine series

No-Touch Soap Dispenser CWS PureLine Cream Soap NT  

The CWS PureLine Cream Soap Non-Touch is a practical soap dispenser with sensor for cream soap. It is equipped with a chip and is therefore 100% IoT-ready. It runs on batteries and can therefore be mounted anywhere. The filling volume of 600 ml is sufficient for about 1,200 portions of soap, and a spare tank of 144 ml provides space for another 288 portions. Refilling is easy and error-free thanks to the color-coded caps and the use of the same key for all PureLine dispensers. 

No-Touch soap dispenser CWS PureLine Foam NT    

The CWS PureLine Foam Soap Non-Touch is an efficient and economical sensor soap dispenser. Because the soap concentrate is already foamed up in the dispenser, considerably less soap is used. This can also reduce water consumption because the product can be washed off the hands more easily. The 600 ml capacity is sufficient for approximately 2,000 soap portions, and an additional reserve tank provides even more portions. The soap bottles are easy to replace

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