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8 May 2023 Workwear


CWS Workwear offers a customer-oriented, super-fast and simple way to send repair instructions for workwear directly to the service provider. With the CWS Repair App, repair requests can be reported by employees themselves, without registration.

The mobile application works as follows: The app is downloaded from the apple App Store or google Play Store, then the barcode of the workwear is scanned and the type of repair selected and sent. A repair notice is then created in the CWS customer tool and forwarded to the laundry. The next time the affected garment comes in for laundering, it will be repaired.

"The CWS Repair App gives wearers or decision-makers more control over timely repair of their garments," explains Josenildo Cardoso Da Silva, Customer Care Specialist.

Digital offerings are becoming increasingly important in customer communication. Especially when it comes to service, CWS Workwear will continue to expand its offering for its customers.

Ask your CWS contact for the self-print poster for your lounge and changing room!

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