What makes CWS high-visibility clothing so special?

There is high-visibility clothing and there is high-visibility clothing.

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10 August 2019 Workwear

Protective clothing must first pass a number of tests so that it can bear the designation “high-visibility protection”. Having passed these, it officially meets the requirements of the EN ISO 20471 standard for high-visibility clothing. Various individual factors determine which high-visibility clothing is right for a company. See for yourself what makes our high-visibility clothing so popular.

The safety factor

Our CWS Profi Line High Vis range of high-quality high-visibility clothing makes you safely visible – day and night. Additional reflective strips in the shoulder zone give the wearer added safety. Our rental service ensures that the wearer is protected over the long term as well. Because: when selecting the right high-visibility clothing it is not only important to comply with the current standard but also to make sure that the clothing is kept in good condition and that the reflectors are checked for condition and function. The specialists at CWS regularly check the protective functions of the clothing and ensure its maintenance and repair where necessary. We make sure that your protective clothing complies with the latest safety regulations at all times. It goes without saying that we also pick up the worn clothing items from our customers’ premises, wash them in our laundries, repair them professionally if necessary, and deliver the freshly laundered clothing back again.

High cotton content = high wearing comfort

The CWS Profi Line High Vis range of high-visibility clothing impresses with its high cotton content of 50 percent. Cotton fibres are naturally skin-friendly, tear-resistant and hard-wearing and thus ideal for workwear. Even during periods of great physical exertion, our high-visibility clothing ensures a comfortable fit and adapts to the movements of its wearer.


CWS figures among the leading providers of Fairtrade-certified workwear. Each item of clothing in our CWS Profi Line High Vis collection contains a label with a code. By entering this on the Fairtrade website at www.fairtrade-deutschland.de, the wearer gets information on farmers’ cooperative from which the Fairtrade cotton originated. The farmers’ cooperatives not only receive a fixed minimum price for their cotton but also an additional premium that they can use for larger community projects. The environment is likewise protected, because the use of genetically manipulated cotton, chemical fertilizers or large amounts of water is prohibited.

Show that you support social and ecological working conditions by using Fairtrade workwear! For our high-visibility clothing bears the Fairtrade logo, which projects a positive image to your partners and customers. The use of workwear made from Fairtrade cotton also helps you improve your own sustainability balance in the company. Internally, too, you position yourself as a responsible employer who attaches importance to fitting out your employees with high-quality products.


At just 270 g/m2, our high-visibility clothing is a real lightweight. This ensures freedom of movement when worn and a comfortable fit.

Modern cut

The concept of high-visibility clothing frequently conjures up the impression of shapeless and loose garments. We ensure that our workwear has a modern, close-fitting cut that is suitable for every figure type. Our workwear is unisex and suitable for women and men.