Smoke protection closure vs. fire protection closure

We provide information on the differences between the two indispensable elements in fire protection.

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16 October 2023 Fire Safety

Fire protection in buildings is crucial to protect human life and minimise property damage. Two common elements in preventive fire protection are both the smoke protection closure and the fire protection closure. These are movable room closures that prevent the spread of smoke and/or fire to other sides of the building.

Smoke vs. fire protection closure: the differences

A smoke protection closure prevents (or slows) the spread of life-threatening smoke in the event of a fire. They are designed to keep escape routes clear so that people present can leave the building safely. Smoke protection doors, gates or curtains are used.

Important: A smoke protection closure is not fire resistant!

A fire protection closure prevents (or slows down) the spread of fire to other parts of the building. For this purpose, fire protection closures consist of fire-resistant materials that resist flames and high temperatures for a defined period of time.

Good to know: Smoke protection can usually be added as an option for a fire protection closure.

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Options for smoke protection closure / fire protection closure

Smoke and fire doors are available in various materials for fire protection without compromising on aesthetics.

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Gates are suitable for large wall openings and are usually made of steel (with optional RAL painting).

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Smoke or fire curtains are a space-saving and flexible option.

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Fire dampers
They are installed in ventilation systems or ducts to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

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Regular maintenance is mandatory

Regardless of whether it is a smoke protection closure or fire protection closure, regular maintenance is crucial. For example, fire and smoke protection closures must be in constant readiness for use in order to function properly in an emergency.

At least annual maintenance is indispensable. The manufacturer's specifications, ASR and DIN standard must be observed.

The experts at CWS Fire Safety support the selection, installation and maintenance of smoke and fire protection closures throughout Germany.

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What is a smoke protection closure?

Smoke protection closures are designed to prevent or slow down the spread of smoke in buildings. They are intended to keep the escape route clear for people present so that they can leave the building safely.

What is a fire protection closure?

Fire barriers are designed to prevent or slow down the spread of fire from one part of a building to others. They are thus intended to reduce property damage, but also to facilitate evacuation.

Important: Fire protection closures are not automatically smoke-tight. However, this function is optionally possible.

Are fire and smoke protection closures always self-closing?

Yes, fire and smoke protection closures are always self-closing. Wedging fire doors is prohibited and even punishable by law.

How often is maintenance required?

The maintenance of fire and smoke protection closures is required at least every 12 months. This is prescribed by ASR and DIN 14677, among others. In addition, the manufacturer's specifications must be observed.

Fire and smoke protection closures from CWS

As a full-service provider in preventive fire protection, CWS Fire Safety GmbH takes over the installation and maintenance of fire and smoke protection closures throughout Germany.

Doors, gates and curtains of various designs and manufacturers are quickly available for installation or replacement. Our experienced experts will be happy to assist you with selection and installation. Afterwards, we are happy to carry out regular maintenance - optionally with a maintenance contract.

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