CWS GreenMats: The most sustainable dust control mat by CWS

- The new CWS standard dust control mat is particularly sustainable and resource-saving throughout its service life

- Recycling: Up to one million PET bottles processed into CWS GreenMats every year

- First dust control mat free from phthalates (rubber softeners)

- CWS is involved in the European CISUFLO (Circular Sustainable Floor Coverings) research project

CWS GreenMat in black with a red/rose background

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5 October 2021 Floor Care

Dreieich/Duisburg, 5.10.2021 – CWS GreenMats and CWS GreenPremium Mats are two new, sustainable products now being launched by CWS in the sphere of floor care (CWS Hygiene). The new CWS GreenMats are particularly heavy-duty, durable dust control mats with high-twist yarn made exclusively from recycled polyester. Around 10 discarded PET bottles are put to productive use per square metre of mat, equating to an annual recycling volume of over one million PET bottles. The mats backing is made using a newly developed rubber compound that is completely phthalate-free, in other words free from rubber softeners.

Alexander Glatzer, Senior Product Manager CWS Floor Care, about the new mat: “The CWS GreenMats are a milestone on the way to making our products even more resource-efficient. The CWS standard mats currently in circulation are therefore set to be gradually replaced by the new CWS GreenMats as soon as the end of their product life cycle has been reached. Any other approach would hardly be sustainable and would not be in line with our guiding principle at CWS, namely Think Circular.” All projects and products that meet the circular-economy criteria are labelled with the Think Circular icon. This is now the case with the CWS GreenMats – for the first time at product level.


Sustainable mats for more safety and performance

The new version of the CWS standard mat is made from through-dyed polyester yarn that neither erodes nor fades in the course of time. This means not only high colour stability but also a longer service life for the mats. Alexander Glatzer explains further advantages over nylon mats: “The polyester yarn is more heat-resistant, dries faster and is less subject to shrinkage during the washing process. The result is that the green mats lie flat and safely and also enable savings on water and CO2 emissions over the course of the product's service life."

Alexander Glatzer speaks proudly of the combination of sustainability and performance: “I am pleased that, besides all the optimizations we have made towards achieving the greatest possible sustainability and service life, we have also succeeded in further improving our standard mat in terms of performance and safety. By these means we at CWS are sending a clear message for a healthier and safer tomorrow in the market."

The end-of-use recycling of discarded mats remains a challenge, however. “We are taking a proactive approach to this challenge and are involved in a large-scale EU project together with a host of research institutes, recycling companies and public authorities. The objective behind the CISUFLO project is to completely close the recycling loop for floor coverings and, for example, to recycle old mats directly into new ones. We aim to be a pioneer and bring about improvements in this area, too”, adds Glatzer.

The CWS GreenPremium Mat is the new top-of-the-range dust control mat in the CWS range. It, too, is made from recycled polyester and phthalate-free rubber. The special feature of this new mat type lies in its hard-woven hard-top, which ensures that the mat functions perfectly even under extreme conditions and longer periods of use. In addition, a reinforced mat backing makes for the best possible flat and secure-lying characteristics and enhanced safety. The mat's longer usability and the service intervals likewise reduce emissions. "The GreenPremium Mat is cleaned exclusively on our CWS Flat Mat Washer, an innovative and resource-saving washing system," explains Sabrina Kohne-Wyes, Department Head of Operations Transformation & Continuous Improvement. “As the requisite Flat Mat Washer is in operation in the Dutch mat laundry in Den Bosch, we made a conscious decision to restrict the product’s marketing to north-west Germany at the current time. For the time being we are thus focussing on the region that is possible for logistical reasons and makes sense from an environmental point of view", adds Sabrina Kohne-Wyes.


Service model by CWS – Think Circular!

The basis of the circularity at CWS lies in the service model, under which the products on offer are rented out rather than sold. Customers get a complete set of professional, product-related services, including collection, replacement, washing, drying, inspection, repair and renewed delivery. An optimized logistics network keeps emissions low and the CWS mats are washed in our own special laundries, which in turn use certified washing processes, thus protecting the environment and ensuring long-lasting cleanliness and reliable functionality.


The purpose of dust control mats

The advantages of a dust control mat are as simple as they are important: They prevent dirt and moisture from being carried on shoes into buildings, and thus ensure hygiene and safety. The use of dust control mats also has economic benefits for property operators. By trapping and absorbing dirt and moisture at an early stage, they help cut cleaning costs significantly, prevent moisture damage and extend the lifespan of floors. Mats also score points from a safety point of view: Around 20 percent of reportable accidents at work can be traced back to slips or falls. “That said, the decisive factor where hygiene, safety and cost reduction are concerned is that the mats used also function properly. Many dust control mats lose their full functionality because they get flattened by footfall after a matter of weeks. That problem is taken care of by our regular washing service, however, by way of which they are fully reactivated and their functionality is ensured at all times", says Glatzer.


About CWS

With innovative, sustainable and digital rental solutions, CWS contributes to a healthier and safer tomorrow. The CWS range is divided into products and services in the areas of Hygiene, Floor Care, Workwear, Fire Safety, Cleanrooms and Healthcare. With its service model, the company follows the idea of circular economy in all areas: Materials are reduced, reused and recycled in a resource-saving manner. CWS summarises this understanding of sustainability and all associated activities under one central guiding principle: Think Circular!

CWS is a brand of CWS International GmbH and its subsidiaries. The group currently employs around 11,000 people in 15 countries. In 2020, the company generated a turnover of 1.242 billion euros. CWS International GmbH and its subsidiaries are owned by Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH.



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