Hygienic indoor air: With UV-C air purification against germs

CWS now offers a solution for air hygiene and infection control: INTERsens® 250R, a combined disinfection and air purification device.

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9 August 2021 Hygiene
  • Hygiene expert CWS complements its range with the INTERsens® 250R, a solution for air disinfection
  • Combined disinfection and air purification device with simple plug & play installation for quick set up
  • Air purification device renders viruses, bacteria and fungi in room air harmless

Duisburg/Dreieich, 09. August 2021 – CWS, an integrated system provider in the areas of Hygiene, Floor Care, Workwear, Fire Safety, Cleanrooms and Healthcare, now offers customers a solution for indoor air disinfection. Because wherever people come together, the risk of transmitting pathogens in the indoor air is increased. This results in increased sick leave and thus high costs for companies. CWS now offers a reliable and certified solution to render viruses and other pathogens harmless immediately. The INTERsens® 250R is a combined disinfection and air purification device in the form of a column almost two metres high, which is easy to set up by plug & play. Integrated castors with brakes for fixing allow the unit to be placed flexibly.

"Hygienic and clean air is an important issue, especially in closed indoor spaces," says Sascha Adjaj, Director Marketing & Sales Hygiene. "With the INTERsens® 250R, we offer our customers a sleek device for air purification that is also effective against the Corona virus, making it safer to stay indoors."

The INTERsens® 250R uses UV-C technology to render viruses, bacteria and fungi harmless in indoor air – all without the use of chemicals or ozone. The effectiveness has been tested and confirmed by the renowned laboratory of the AEPT Institute at the Ruhr University in Bochum. INTERsens® 250R works without ozone or chemicals and does not use any toxically problematic suspended matter filters (hazardous waste). The UV-C lamps are safely shielded so that no UV-C radiation can escape. With a view to the cold season, when people spend more time indoors again, the INTERsens® 250R is a suitable addition to existing hygiene concepts to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

Together with innovation and technology partner GoGaS, CWS offers the INTERsens® 250R with a housing made of durable stainless steel with a mesh cover in the service model. Customers can choose between the standard CWS design or a customised design, for example with their own logo. The pre-filter (for dust), the activated carbon filter (against odour) and the recyclable UV-C lamps are replaced by CWS service personnel.

UVGI process for hygienic air

Instead of filter systems, the unit uses the so-called UVGI process (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) to disinfect indoor air. The air flows into the unit where UV-C light destroys the DNA of bacteria, germs and viruses before they can multiply and spread. The special thing about UV-C light is that it is completely absorbed and reflected by the earth's atmosphere. Throughout evolution, microorganisms have therefore not been able to develop a natural resistance to UV-C light and can be destroyed.

UV-C light has already been used successfully for many years for disinfection, for example in food production or in the pharmaceutical and surface industries, as well as in healthcare. INTERsens® 250R is suitable for use in many other areas. In addition to office buildings, foyers of hotels, theatres, cinemas or even banks, its use is also possible in smaller retail shops, gymnasiums and indoor sports facilities, schools and kindergartens or restaurants.


About CWS

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More information can be found on www.cws.com/en/intersens.


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