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3 March 2020 Workwear

Dreieich, 5 March 2020 – An attractive look when working is becoming increasingly important for employers and employees alike. While companies wish to project a professional image to the outside world, employees place importance on workwear that looks good and is comfortable to wear. Juliana Scherrmann, Head of Marketing at CWS, the market leader for rental workwear, explains how both requirements can be easily reconciled. If used correctly, workwear can contribute to a company’s success.

1. Workwear must fit properly

Ensuring that an employee feels good and, at the same time, looks professional requires that the workwear fits properly. This not only means the right size but also the length of the trouser legs and sleeves. Employees who feel good also project this feeling to the outside world. Employees are and remain a company’s most important calling card.

Comfortable workwear goes down well with employees. After all, they spend most of the day in it. Therefore, anyone purchasing workwear for their team should subsequently check that it fits properly as well. If it doesn’t, arrangements should be made as to how and where an employee can have shortening or other alterations done. What might now sound exaggerated to some people in actual fact makes a big difference. A survey conducted among craftsmen on the subject of workwear revealed that half the respondents share the view that smart workwear also implies professional work.* This viewpoint can be applied to all sectors because, as the saying goes – you are what you wear. The leasing of workwear could be an alternative to purchasing for companies seeking to obtain suitable workwear without having to concern themselves with alterations – because in our CWS service model the clothing is delivered to the customer already customized.


2. Uniform does not always mean identical

Members of a team should also be recognizable as such. When selecting workwear for employees, therefore, either the same clothing should be ordered for all employees or they should wear similar clothing from the same supplier with a uniform design. A uniform appearance not only has a strong external effect but also strengthens the sense of being part of a team.

Companies should therefore refrain from budgets for employees enabling them to choose their own clothing. Such budgets mean spending a lot of money for a result which, in doubtful cases, has a mishmash look. Many providers offer the option of combining clothes from various collections or with different colours. This means that employees in various spheres of activity can nevertheless be fitted out uniformly. They can thus be differentiated according to their specific activity by, for example, the colour of their workwear.

This does not mean that employees should be provided with just any kind of clothing, however. The acceptance of workwear among members of a team is important, so they should be actively involved in the selection of their daily workwear. CWS offers the option of a wearing test, for example. The clothing can be worn and tested in advance over a certain period of time in everyday work. This means the employees are actively involved in the decision-making process and the new workwear thus has a higher level of acceptance.


3. Smart clothing

No matter how modern, fashionable or high-quality the workwear is, the company’s image as a whole will suffer if it doesn’t look smart and well-cared for, as reflected in the fact that 50 percent of Germans take the view that smart and well-cared for workwear also implies professional work on the part of the service provider.* This shows once again how great a contribution workwear can make to a company’s business success.

The employer should ensure that clothing is regularly laundered and kept in good condition; expecting employees to take care of the laundering and repair of their workwear is simply no longer in step with the times. We are in an employee market, and an employer offering workwear with a laundry and care service can score points with potential employees. Our leasing solution is precisely the service that covers this demand.

4. Customization

Customization is a major trend in the sphere of workwear. That can mean various things. The company logo on workwear is a very popular feature. The clothing is thus used as advertising space and unambiguously associates the employees with their employer. This also boosts the wearer’s identification with their employer.

Personalized polo shirts or work jackets bearing the wearer’s name are also an important instrument that exudes professionalism and enables customers to know straight away who they are dealing with. This is a sign of good customer service, because the employee’s name tag indicates that he/she is ready to provide help and advice if asked. Employers wishing to go a step further choose clothes in the company colours.

5. Time saved

Many administrative issues are perceived as disruptive to business operations – this also includes the fitting out of employees with workwear. While workwear is undoubtedly an important topic, dealing with issues such as laundering, statutory regulations and changes or stockpiling and warehousing can be extremely time-consuming. That is why an ever-growing number of companies are placing their trust in a professional service provider well-versed in legislation, hygiene and safety alike. Some companies are reluctant to enter into a contractual commitment with a leasing firm like us, however, but my response is simply: “Contact us and have us give you non-binding advice on the topic. Our customer advisors visit companies on-site, can calculate costs precisely in advance and thus enable sound planning of the annual expenditure involved.” Leasing offers the possibility of having each employee’s workwear delivered freshly laundered to the locker – at all times in line with regulations. And we can supply the locker as well.

6. Easy obtainment

Once selected, workwear ought not to be completely changed every six months to keep in step with the latest fashion. A certain consistency in look ensures routined processes. New employees should be provided with the same clothing as existing personnel so that they also belong visually to the workforce. When obtaining workwear, account should therefore be taken of how repeat orders are processed for existing and new employees. For trainees just starting with the company, too, the availability and obtainment of workwear should ideally be already arranged for in advance.


* Craftsmen survey: This is important to Germans. 2016


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