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Cotton towel dispensers

Economic and hygienic, CWS cotton towels help match user satisfaction with sustainability.

Cotton towel dispenser for a more responsible hygiene

Towel rolls made of fabric are not only convenient for drying hands, but also hygienic in the dispenser system. Thanks to our unique 2-chamber system, every user always enjoys a clean, individual piece of fabric to dry freshly washed hands. Our devices are easy to operate, whether sensor-controlled or manual. In our service cycle, the fabric rolls of the towel dispensers are washed and reused up to 100 times. CWS cotton towel dispensers in offices or public washrooms are most likely the most hygienic and, compared to paper towel dispensers, the most environmentally friendly way of drying hands. 

Cotton towel dispensers

Reduce costs and waste


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The benefits of our cloth are:

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Main benefits of the cotton towel dispensers:

  • Fresh part of the roll is always separated from the used fabric; the system is certified by the Hygiene Institute Berlin Search Care
  • Automatic retraction of the used towel part
  • Easy changing of the towel roll thanks to the "Easy Loading" system
  • Available in different color variations
  • Practical level indicator in the towel dispensers
  • 100% cotton towel rolls with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification
  • Cleaning and control of cotton towel rolls according to ISO 9001 and RABC 14065; damaged rolls are repaired or discarded and reused as raw material for cleaning rags
  • Optimal alternative to rising paper prices, replaces up to 22,000 paper towels and produces 95% less waste
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CWS Rental Service

Simply carefree!

The delivery, collection and cleaning of the fabric towel rolls are just as much part of our rental service as the installation and maintenance of the dispensers. We will be happy to advise you on our services.

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Still have questions about cotton towel dispensers?

You might find answers below

Why cotton towel dispensers? 

Towel dispensers with cotton rolls are the right choice if you prefer you hands to be dried gently. Cotton fabric is kind to the skin and do not create paper waste in the washroom, so there is no need for a waste bin.   

Cotton towels also save resources, as up to 50 kilos of paper waste are saved and discarded rolls are also reused as raw material for cleaning rags or mops. This is why our cotton towel dispenser systems have also been awarded the Blue Angel certificate.   

Cotton towels also ensure a better absorption of moisture and a maximum drying effect. This reduces the risk of spreading bacteria as well as viruses and helps to reduce sick leave.  

How does a cotton towel dispenser work? 

The CWS cotton towel roll comes freshly washed and repaired from our laundries and is inserted into the high-quality cotton towel dispenser. The towel roll runs through until the last piece is used up. Via the individual portioning, each user receives their own fresh section of the cotton towel. Inside the dispenser, the fresh portion of the roll remains in its chamber and is always separate from the used portion (two-chamber system). Used portions are automatically drawn into and safely stored in the dispenser. With the CWS cotton towel system, there is no waste and the washroom always stays clean and tidy. 

Which is better paper towels or cloth towels? 

A study by the European Textile Services Association on different hand drying methods proves that drying hands with a cotton towel is the most hygienic way to dry hands after washing them. The friction between the cotton and the hands, as well as the high absorption capacity of cotton, ensures an optimal reduction of remaining bacteria.   

In addition, the use of cotton towels is more environmentally friendly because the cotton towel roll, as a reusable product, can be washed and reused up to 100 times without any loss of quality and thus replaces about 22,000 paper towels during its life cycle.

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