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CWS SmartWash

Hand hygiene rethought: The SmartWash sensor-controlled
mixer tap ensures that every user uses soap when washing
their hands. The perfect portion of hygiene in 20 seconds.

With the CWS SmartWash, a new chapter in hand hygiene begins: the innovative mixer fitting dispenses water, soap and air premixed, ensuring that 100% of washroom users use soap when washing their hands with the CWS SmartWash. The dispensing quantity is preset so that consumption can be calculated efficiently.

In order to raise hygiene standards in public washrooms and improve the hygiene experience of users, we developed the SmartWash hygiene station in cooperation with the manufacturing company Smixin.

For every CWS SmartWash rented, CWS and Smixin provide 20,000 litres of drinking water through the MadeBlue organisation. This will give 20 children access to clean water at school for a year. MadeBlue works for a better water supply in the world.

Did you know that with CWS SmartWash

  • Soap is used in every single hand washing
  • Each hand wash follows a fixed sequence - in just 20 seconds
  • Sensor-controlled use avoids surface contact
  • Minimal use of resources through innovative mixing technology: Up to 90% water and 60% soap are saved
  • You are in control of the use and related expenses
  • Fill level and technical status is always in view
CWS SmartWash supports correct hand hygiene with water and soap

The perfect mix

CWS rental service

Simply carefree!

As part of our rental service, we take care of the professional installation and maintenance of the wash fittings. We’re able to adapt our services, for example the delivery of fresh soap bags, to the individual needs of your facility.

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What is a SmartWash mixing tap?  

Just like a sensor water tap, the CWS SmartWash automatically dispenses water by hand movement. What makes this tap so unique is the feature that not only water, but also soap is automatically provided via the tap head. Where currently more than half of all toilet users do not use soap, the SmartWash solves this problem. 

How does the SmartWash work? 

The SmartWash consecutively dispenses water, soap and (again) water to rinse the soap off your hands. All automatically from the smart tap head. The user holds his or her hands under the tap. In 20 seconds (recommended by the World Health Organization) your hands are washed in the most efficient way possible. 

What makes Smartwash special? 

Due to the optimized consumption settings of the tap, it saves up to 90% water and 60% soap compared to washing your hands with a 'normal' tap. A sustainable choice, but also the most hygienic. The smart dispensing of soap from the tap head increases the hygiene of users. As a result, bacteria and viruses have no chance of spreading. 

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