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The collection for the hotel industry and public showering facilities

Care products from CWS

Sustainable ingredients

The CWS care products really impress when it comes to their user-friendliness. Gentle squeezing of the bottle dispenses the contents and a special seal prevents subsequent dripping. The dispenser’s Click-in-Bottle system allows simple exchanging of the bottle and simultaneously functions as an anti-theft measure. The window on the side allows you to keep track of the fill level at all times.

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Care products to make you feel great

The CWS ComfortLine products leave your hair and body alike feeling pampered. Natural ingredients and a subtle fragrance ensure gentle care. They provide a heightened sense of well-being in hotel bathrooms and spas as well as a special extra service for showers in gyms and companies. The elegant dispenser design blends harmoniously into any setting. The Ecosense products have been awarded the EU Ecolabel* and the facial tissues are FSC-certified*.


*The EU Ecolabel is the European Union’s environmental label for ecological products which have only a minimal impact on the environment throughout their entire life cycle.

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*The FSC seal on wood and timber products is a sign of transparency and credibility the world over. They ensure that people and nature are treated fairly and with respect. Both the label and the seal can be found on an ever-increasing range of products all over the world.


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