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CWS hygiene solutions for every sector

High-quality hygiene solutions suitable for your industry, provided by CWS

Business, industry, hospitality, education and childcare, recreation, health care and public places, in all these different sectors hygiene plays a very important role. With the hygiene solutions of CWS you contribute to the health of employees, customers, students, visitors and patients.  

From hand washing and drying to disinfection and hand care. And from fragrance dispensers to hygiene boxes and waste bins. We offer everything you need to create a hygienic environment where people feel good and at ease. What's more, we do this in a responsible, sustainable way.    

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Health care 
Day care 
Leisure and recreation

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Whether it is the toilets, meeting rooms or shared workstations, with CWS hygiene solutions you improve (hand) hygiene in the office and reduce the risk of infections. This way, your employees feel safe and comfortable in a clean and pleasant working environment.

People working in a clean and bright office


For workers in industrial sectors and trades, having a safe, sustainable and clean working environment is of great importance. There are often laws and regulations associated with hygiene in industry and it is more current than ever, due to the corona virus. CWS offers various solutions in the field of hand hygiene.

Industry Model

Day Care

In child care centres, you have the opportunity to teach young children something that will be of benefit to them for the rest of their lives: the value of good hygiene. By making handwashing a game, you can help children develop good habits from the start.   


Health care

The importance of (hand) hygiene in health care applies not only to employees in medical offices, smaller medical centers and retirement homes. Visitors and residents are also constantly dealing with this. CWS offers products that provide hygiene of the highest level, which are also kind to the skin.

CWS Hygiene PureLine healthcare (Copyright: CWS International GmbH)


Did you know that 97% of visitors say they will not return to a restaurant if the washroom does not meet hygiene standards? Reason enough to take hygiene in the hospitality sector seriously and pay attention to washroom facilities. That way you'll see your customers go home satisfied, but also come back again.

Uit eten met vrienden aan tafel


By improving hygiene in schools, you can reduce the number of sick days taken by both students and teachers. When there is less absenteeism, there is also a reduction in costs, money that can be invested where it really matters - in the pupils. CWS Hygiene can help you improve both hygiene and air quality in the classroom.   

Ein Kind meldet sich in einem Klassenraum

Leisure and recreation

After the experiences of the last few years with pandemics and high rates of illness, visitors have higher expectations than ever before. Help them to feel safe and confident by providing a high level of hygiene and allow your visitors to have a good time and enjoy themselves. With CWS Hygiene, you can focus on entertaining your guests while we take care of the hygiene. 

Hygiëne op vakantie