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Hygiene in hospitality

Hygiene à la carte in the hospitality sector. As a hotel, restaurant or café you are required to comply with hygiene guidelines. CWS is the largest hygiene specialist and is happy to help you out.

The hospitality industry and hygiene are undeniably linked. As a hospitality entrepreneur you want to offer your guests optimal service. You don't just want to see your customers go home satisfied, but also want to come back again. With CWS you guarantee hygiene in the hospitality industry. In this way you prevent absenteeism and, moreover, you ensure representative washrooms and a positive experience for your guests.

Hospitality industry in covid times

During covid times, the hospitality industry suffered massive closures and access restrictions. In addition, guests have become even more aware of provisions regarding hygiene. So for any successful hospitality entrepreneur, cleanliness and hygiene in the hospitality industry are an absolute must.

Bad hygiene, poor reviews

97% will not return to a restaurant because of a dirty washroom

Nowadays (more than ever), a clear basic requirement for a great night out is that hygiene in the hospitality industry is up to standard.

No open kitchen?

Even if the kitchen is not visible to guests, the areas that are visible, such as the dining area and sanitary facilities, are enough for guests to draw their conclusions about what the conditions in the kitchen will be like. And only those who feel comfortable will return and recommend a restaurant, hotel or café to others.

Online review cafe

Prevent negative experiences

As many as 97% of visitors say they will not return to a restaurant if the sanitary facilities are not up to standard. 85% of those surveyed warn family and friends about this. Reason enough to pay attention to your washroom and toilet hygiene.

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Our product range for the hospitality industry

At the basis of good hygiene in the hospitality industry lie reliable products that invite to be used. Below you will find a small selection. Available in white, mint and silver.

Soap dispensers

Soap dispensers

Fragrance dispensers

Fragrance dispensers

Surface cleaners

Surface cleaners

Hand hygiene in the hospitality industry

Your employees clear tables, rinse glasses, take care of the checkout of orders and are busy with food and drinks. Often all this is done without washing their hands in between, despite the fact that poor hand hygiene is the main cause of disease transmission.

Risk of cross-contamination

Encourage your staff to wash their hands regularly. If water is not available in certain areas, a disinfection dispenser is a good alternative. For example, for a quick change between the cash register and food preparation, disinfection is very suitable. CWS disinfection gel kills germs and is immediately effective. This is how you guarantee hygiene in the hospitality industry. 

Hand hygiene hospitality

Table top hygiene

Horeca cleaning table

We at CWS are big fans of soap, but for hard surfaces that are touched often it is advisable to use a surface cleaner. Specially developed so as not to damage surfaces, with antibacterial action and virus-reducing properties.

Clean surfaces,
Bon appétit!

The surface cleaner dispenser dispenses ready-to-use foam that makes it easy to clean tables, chairs, door handles and other frequently touched surfaces. Your guests will immediately see these hygiene efforts and therefore feel comfortable and safe in the hospitality industry.

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Continue the experience

Horeca dispensers in verschillende kleuren

A lot of time and attention has probably been paid to the interior of your hotel, restaurant or café. The pleasant atmosphere you have created here you also want to extend to the smallest room. Because the general impression a guest has of your establishment does not stop at the door of the toilet.

A harmonious environment

The guest's impression of the washroom is an important part of the overall experience. Not only a clean hygienic environment counts, but also the "look and feel". Hygiene products such as soap dispensers, towel dispensers and toilet paper dispensers must harmoniously fit into the hospitality concept.

Stylish, but functional

The CWS PureLine is distinguished by its stylish and fresh product design. A visual added value, but in addition they also meet the highest hygiene requirements. Easy to use for all types of visitors and optionally with contactless operation for extra hygiene (one less surface to touch).

Clean toilet, happy guests

The robust dispensers can take a beating and promote hygiene in your toilet area. A towel dispenser with cotton prevents waste and guarantees a tidy washroom. And indispensable in the ladies' toilet are hygiene boxes. And you know that hygiene in the hospitality industry is on the right track when guests feel truly at ease and use the toilet not only for essentials, but also to freshen up and socialize.

Opfrissen in het toilet door 2 dames

Flexible service for hygiene in the hospitality industry

Together we make your guests feel good

CWS dispensers are not only user-friendly for your guests, replenishing consumables such as soap and toilet paper is also easy and quick. A clear stock indicator and the reserve tank (or spare roll) ensure that your staff is on time to refill.

Assured of sufficient supply

With over 60 years of experience, we know exactly how many consumables you need. Besides the delivery of these, we arrange much more with our service, such as: dispenser assembly and maintenance. So as a restaurant or café owner, you can confidently focus on what you do best: serving food and drinks and entertaining guests.

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Sanitaire dienstverlening

Mouth watering kitchen smells

Uit eten met vrienden aan tafel

It is often said that a person can "have an eye for something". But "having a nose for something" is equally important in the hospitality industry. After all, what we smell affects what we taste and whether we like it. Typically in a restaurant it usually already smells pleasant because of the delicious dishes prepared in the kitchen.

What about the smell of the toilet?

In washrooms, fresher and neutralizing scents are more welcome. The 11 different aromas of our Air Bar take care of that. This fragrance dispenser does not require a power connection and the evaporation principle is environmentally friendly. Two fragrance chambers offer alternation between different scents, so you always have a fresh-smelling toilet.

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