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Hygiene in retail and wholesale

Retailers must ensure hygienic conditions in their stores - this applies to their own employees, but also to customers on site. CWS supports you with the appropriate hygiene articles for wholesale and retail.

Hygiene in wholesale & retail

Whether it's the staff's social and office spaces or the sales areas in the store, hygiene plays a crucial role in wholesale and retail. It provides a feeling of well-being and ensures that customers are happy to come back. Hygiene concepts for retail and wholesale are often subject to many legal requirements. CWS helps you meet them and score points with your customers and employees.

Our hygiene products for wholesale & retail

We offer a wide range of hygiene and cleaning articles for the retail and wholesale. Discover a selection of our products below.

Hand sanitiser dispensers

Surface cleaner

Paper towel dispenser

Hygiene at first sight

As soon as customers enter your store, they should feel comfortable and safe. In the entrance area, dust control mats help brush off wetness and dirt from the soles of your customers' shoes. This can save you cleaning costs while reducing the risk of slips as well as falls.

In addition, disinfectant dispensers or surface cleaners at the entrance of your supermarket, bakery or clothing store can help break infection chains and provide a hygienic feeling for your customers as well as employees.

Hygiene in der Bäckerei

Washrooms to feel good in

Hygiene im Einzelhandel

To make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible, clean and hygienic washrooms and restrooms are essential for both employees and customers. It all starts with proper washroom equipment. People should be able to wash their hands with soap as well as dry them afterwards with a piece of cotton towel or paper towel. Disinfection and hand lotion dispensers can also be added for optimal hand hygiene.

The toilet cubicle itself should be equipped with a toilet paper dispenser, a toilet seat cleaner, and a hygiene box for hygiene waste. Fragrance dispensers provide pleasant scents in the washroom.

Innovative technologies, such as non-touch operation or reserve tanks, ensure additional hygiene as well as 100% availability of consumables.

Dust control mats for all areas

More safety and attention granted

CWS dust control mats ensure that your store stays clean and floor surfaces are protected. It also reduces the risk of slipping or tripping. Mats in the entrance area can also be used as a business card for your business by displaying your advertising slogan or company logo.

We offer you a wide portfolio of clean floor mats. Starting with standard- and logo mats for indoor use. Coarse dirt can be eliminated already in front of your store by using mats for outdoor use (e.g. scraper mats or aluminum profile mats). To promote the health of your employees, healthy standing mats can be used at standing workstations, such as the checkout area.

Dust control mats for the retail and wholesale sector

Our extensive range of dust control mats offers solutions for all your needs. You can see a selection of mats for wholesale and retail here.

Standard mats

Logo mats

Aluminium profile mats

Make it easy to meet all hygiene requirements in the retail sector. Our experts will be happy to help you.

If you have any questions or would like a quote, write to us directly here.

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