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Hygiene in the industry sector

In industry and crafts, hands are exposed to a wide variety of risks. CWS offers you the right hygiene articles for industry and trade to protect your employees.

A safe, sustainable and clean working environment is of great importance for employees in industry sectors and crafts. Good hygiene in industry is often a legal requirement and more relevant than ever, due to the coronavirus. This involves more than just a clean working and production environment.

With an optimal design of toilets, changing rooms and washrooms, you improve the hygiene and health of your employees. Less absenteeism due to illness benefits the continuity of business operations. In addition, healthy working conditions contribute to productivity.

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Reduce absenteeism through good hand hygiene

Hands of industry workers may have a hard time

Hands are man's most valuable working tool. Unfortunately, they often have to put up with a lot in the workplace. This results in all kinds of discomfort, and dry skin or occupational skin diseases (e.g., eczema of the hands) are more common than you might think. These occur more often than you might think and not only affect your employees' motivation, but also lead to absenteeism.

Robust and functional

CWS helps you to protect your hands in the best possible way. The heavy-duty industrial soap dispensers can take a beating and ensure that your employees always have enough soap on hand. A cotton towel dispenser or industrial paper roll holder offer the optimal hand drying option in your industrial or craft business. In addition, we also support you in the area of skin protection and create an individually tailored skin protection plan, suitable for the requirements in your industry.

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Hygiene solutions for industry sectors

You will find hygiene solutions for industry and crafts in the CWS IndustryLine. From the industrial soap dispenser with matching soap for effective removal of heavy soiling to the robust CWS Heavy Duty towel dispenser or industrial paper roll holder for convenient drying of hands after washing.

Skin protection: care before, during and after work

Skin protection: care before, during and after work
Hardworking hands need a little extra care. Especially if they are frequently exposed to dirt, irritants, moisture or other harmful influences.

For this reason, you should add skin protection to your hygiene concept in trade and industry. This supports the health of your employees and reduces absenteeism due to illness.

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1. skin protection

Fast-absorbing industrial hand cream that you apply before work. The natural barrier function of the skin is supported. The skin protection product acts like a transparent glove and protects the skin from hazardous substances.

CWS Hygiene Hand Optimum Hygiene

2. skin cleansing

Skin-friendly industrial granule soap that efficiently rids hands of stubborn soiling. With natural abrasive grain: a durable industrial soap.

CWS Healthcare

3. skin care

Regenerating industrial hand cream to apply after work. Keeps skin in good condition and stimulates natural recovery.

The right hygiene concept 

We will be happy to help you select the right dispensers, consumables and skin protection products to increase cleanliness in your sector. In doing so, we take into account the requirements of your industry, the expected consumption and the type and degree of soiling. You benefit from our CWS complete service, which includes delivery, installation, supply and maintenance.

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More safety with dust control mats

Dirt and moisture under control

Our dust control mats not only ensure a well-maintained appearance, but also actively contribute to the health and safety of employees and visitors. Mats prevent the walk-in of dirt and moisture and therefore the possibility of people slipping. 

Did you know? 35% of all accidents at work result from trips, slips and falls.

About 75% of the dirt in buildings is caused by dust and moisture walked in by visitors. In industrial plants and production halls, this is increased by delivery traffic and transports. Industrial mats from CWS ensure greater cleanliness here. They can cope with a high volume of dirt and moisture and withstand the stress caused by vehicles. Standing workstations in production and manufacturing facilities should be equipped with anti-fatigue mats to enhance employee health.

Get the message across

Mats are the perfect way to convey a message to employees and visitors. With printed messages, such as "Please Keep Your Distance," they help keep your employees safer and more secure.

Always a clean mat ready for use

Mat service

With our mat service you can concentrate on your main tasks, while we take care of your floor mats. At the agreed time and according to the service interval, our service employee will exchange your soiled mat for a clean one. The mats are then cleaned in our specialized laundries and returned to the service cycle.

More information on our floor mats

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