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Hygiene in offices

Contribute to the health and safety of your employees with our hygiene solutions and meet all requirements for hygiene concepts and prevention of infection in the office.

A hygiene concept for your office space

Employees feel safe and comfortable in a clean working environment. A hygienic equipment of the washrooms, but also of all other office rooms with office hygiene articles, such as soap dispensers, disinfection dispensers, towel dispensers or fragrance dispensers, is essential for this. So make sure that you improve your hygiene in the office and that your employees enjoy coming to the office.

Safety assured in every area

Good hygiene in the office starts as soon as you enter the office building. With dust control mats you keep the appearance of the entrance under control and prevent the spread of moisture, dirt and accompanying bacteria in the building. A disinfection dispenser can be placed at the entrance to prevent the spread of pathogens via hands. 

Whether in toilets, conference rooms, office areas, the pantry, the company restaurant, near elevators or next to coffee machines: with CWS hygiene solutions you improve (hand) hygiene and reduce the risk of infectionsFragrance dispensers in the office additionally contribute to a pleasant atmosphere.

Hygiene solutions for better hygiene in the office

We shake many hands every day - but it is especially from hand to hand that pathogens spread. They cause illnesses as well as days lost from work and/or education. An employee's hands, for example, come into contact with millions of germs every day.

A simple remedy helps against infections: proper hand hygiene. Almost all pathogenic bacteria and viruses disappear if you wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and then dry them. Is water not available? Then make sure you can use a disinfectant dispenser. We offer you the right solution for more hygiene: resource-saving and sustainable, not only in your washrooms. In addition to regular office cleaning, disinfection of the office also increases infection protection. Surface cleaners that can be used to disinfect desks or keyboards offer an optimal solution.

Toilet hygiene: fresh and efficient

With our solutions, we promote workplace restroom hygiene and thus reduce the spread of pathogens. In this way, we help reduce sick leave in your organization. From self-cleaning toilets, manual toilet seat cleaners to toilet paper dispensers and from hygiene boxes to fragrance dispensers, we offer everything for a hygienic and fresh toilet in the office.

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Dust control mats for your office

Added cleanliness and safety

A dust control mat is the perfect way to convey topical messages to employees and visitors. These can be advertising messages, but also signposts or instructions, such as the 'keep your 1.5 meter distance' mats.

In addition, mats keep out dirt, moisture and dust, prevent people from slipping, protect expensive floors and ensure a neat appearance. Our range extends from standard mats and logo mats to our healthy standing mats, which relieve muscles and joints in all areas where a lot of time is spent standing. Another plus: dust control mats reduce office cleaning costs by up to 70%.

Tekst mat bij lift

The CWS rental service

We are happy to give a thought to the right hygiene solution for you, so you can focus on your core business.

  • We advise straight to the point: All the hygiene articles you need for the office are determined precisely. No more and no less! 
  • We supply consumables on a regular basis: This saves you time and you don't have to reorder. You also save space, as you only need to store what you currently need.
  • We offer flexibility: your service cycles can be adjusted as needed (different delivery cycle, quantity adjustment for refillers).
  • We take care of your dispensers: maintenance and repair or replacement if needed.
  • We are available for you: by phone, by e-mail, with our regular service and your consultant will also come by if needed! 
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