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Fire brigade clothing

Firefighters risk a lot. In order to protect your health, we prepare your turnout clothing professionally and hygienically. We are also happy to equip you with reserve PPE such as protective jackets and pants. 

The helpers of the helpers in terms of operational clothing.


You must always be ready for action. We at CWS ensure that your protective equipment is too.

Feuerwehr Einsatz

That's why we offer:

  • Professional preparation of your own clothing 
  • Provision of (reserve) PPE via our CWS firefighter collection

Safe in use - Professional preparation of your clothing

In our high-tech laundries we prepare your own clothing hygienically and safely with the appropriate washing process incl. impregnation.

All parts of your PPE (jackets, pants, gloves, flame protection hoods, Holland cloths etc.) are professionally processed according to certified hygiene and quality standards (RAL GZ 992/2, the guidelines of the RKI as well as DIN ISO 9001).

In addition, great importance is attached to sustainable and innovative working methods. One of the latest innovations, for example, is an LCO2 washing process that removes toxic residues much more effectively than conventional reprocessing.

Feuerwehr Mann
Lohnwäsche Kreislauf Feuerwehr

The all-round carefree package

The CWS complete service includes everything from collection, sorting, washing and drying, to inspection and return transport - right into the firefighters' closets, if desired.

In the process, each item of clothing is marked by CWS with a Data Matrix code. This clearly assigns the clothing to its owner and documents washing cycles, age and damage.

Laundry supply online

Our web portal Textilcockpit

Via our user-friendly web portal Textilcockpit you have full transparency about your laundry.  7 days a week, 24 hours a day ! You can easily online: register and deregister carriers, keep track of all parts at all times, generate statistics & reports, manage delivery bills & invoices, and much more.

Contact us to set up your access.

(Reserve) PPE via our CWS firefighter collection

Protective clothing for firefighters must withstand extreme heat, adverse weather and pollutants. At the same time, it must offer freedom of movement and be highly visible. Our firefighter collection meets these requirements.

In cooperation with leading manufacturers of firefighting PPE, we provide you with emergency protective jackets and pants.

Our service means that you no longer have to deal with procurement, care and storage. So you have more time for the most important thing: extinguishing fires and saving lives. 

CWS Healthcare Feuerwehr

Your advantages at a glance

Long-term security

In our laundries we use innovative washing processes to thoroughly remove pollutants and residues. We also test your own and our PPE to ensure its quality.

Quality according to high standards

We make sure that standardised PPE is always available to you. Whether your own or borrowed protective clothing, we’ll check that the quality meets regulation. You’ll have a proof for the fire brigade accident insurance companies thanks to our checks.

Personal consultation

For general questions or specific request, our customer advisors are available to assist you both via telephone and on site.

Complete service

We’ll minimise your down-time because your firefighters will always have compliant protective clothing at the ready. We’ll also document washing cycles, repairs, and similar routine checks digitally. You can access the data at any time via our web portal.

Cost Overview

The costs for leasing and processing are recorded transparently. They are easy to calculate and which means you can plan for the long run.


Safe for people and nature

We prepare protective equipment for fire brigades and extend the lifetime of PPE with our professional repairs. Using resources carefully is importance to us. We focus on sustainable materials, durable products and the principle ofa circular economy.

More about our approach

Contact us if you would like to find out more about our services and firefighter attire. We will be happy to advise you.