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The optimal solution for managing your workwear

Central stock and issue system for workwear

No matter how meticulous you are as the person responsible for workwear, no matter how punctual each employee is, the possibility of loss, theft, stock shortage or overstocking can never be ruled out. Clothing dispensing systems are specially designed to provide a solution against these stumbling blocks.

An RFID inventory management system is built into a clothing storage room at your premises. Based on this RFID technology, a track & trace system of your work clothes is set up. This system provides real-time stock insight, so you always know which garments are present, in use or absent.

Our systems are modular and customisable, designed to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you are a small organisation with limited storage space or a large company with extensive clothing needs, the system can be adapted to your situation. The modularity allows us to respond quickly to changing needs, such as stock expansion or integration with existing management systems.

Moreover, our systems help you increase efficiency and reduce costs. By automatically tracking stock and garment usage, the risk of human error is minimised. This means less time and resources spent on manual counts and stock management, allowing you to focus on more important tasks within your organisation.

What is RFID technology?  RFID is a technology that allows garments to be identified and tracked wirelessly. To do this, the garment is fitted with a special chip that can be read in the wash and at your location.

This is how a clothing distribution system works (for large spaces)

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Switchable cabinet solution in different locations (smaller rooms)

When space is limited, you can easily place this switchable locker solution in different locations. This smartlocker is flexible for any space and very easy to expand.

The system consists of 2 types of cabinets

  • Closet for issuing clean clothes
  • Cupboard for collecting clothes handed in by wearers

 Benefits of these systems

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Higher manageability thanks to data: make decisions at the right time 

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Lower costs, higher productivity through automation: no time wasted searching for clothes

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Real time gegevens: je kan  onmiddellijk ingrijpen  

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Convenient credit system from CWS: so an employee can never have more clothes than allowed

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Optimising your stock: never too big, dormant stock, never clothing shortage

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Link an employee to a profile : so that the employee can only take out the clothing package intended for them

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Limited risk of theft and loss

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Proof of each delivery and collection

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