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Completely Clean and Safe

CWS washes your workwear using certified processes that
comply with hygiene and safety standards. Naturally, this is
done in a resource-saving and environmentally friendly manner.

CWS Workwear Service

A clean solution for you and your employees

Do your employees wash their work clothes at home? Professional reprocessing is recommended for certain textiles. For example, protective functionality can be lost if PPE is not properly cared for. Furthermore, textiles that appear clean are not necessarily clean, hygienically speaking. Particularly in the gastronomy or food industry, special hygiene requirements apply, which cannot be met by standard domestic washing machines.

Save yourself and your employees the effort and leave the professional washing and reprocessing of your workwear to us.

We ensure that your employees will be provided with clean, safe, and hygienic work clothes at all times. In our laundries, we work according to a certified hygiene and quality management system to ensure that your clothing always meets the legal requirements. A clean solution for you and your employees.


This is how clean we work

Collect, sort, wash, inspect, repair, and deliver clothes. The CWS service runs like clockwork. Would you like to know more? Then take a look behind the scenes in our video.

What we offer you

Professional washing and repair

In our laundries, the textiles are first sorted according to the degree of soiling and the type of clothing and then professionally washed. If a repair is necessary, we work exclusively using original materials to maintain the high quality.

Long-term safety and durability

To ensure that the clothes always arrive in perfect condition, they are regularly inspected by us. In particular, we meticulously test the safety functionality of protective clothing and the impregnation of weather protection clothing.

Personal consultation on site

Having a personal connection to our customers is important to us. That's why our experts are happy to come to you and advise you at your request. Rather than alternating contact persons, CWS has a permanent team of customer advisors.

Workwear customisation

Shorten trouser legs, attach name tags or your company logo: we can customise your work clothes. In addition, we equip each item of clothing with a chip or code to make sure it returns to the right owner after washing.

Reliable delivery and collection

Your personal CWS service driver collects your used clothes from you on a regular basis and delivers them back to you, freshly washed. This way, your employees always have clean clothes that are ready for use.

Resource-conserving processes

For all of the 80 million garments we wash each year, we pay attention to environmental sustainability - such as reusing washing water and reducing the use of detergents and chemicals.

Das bieten wir Ihnen

Good to know

Wash at home or at the launderette?

Employees in many companies wash their work clothes themselves. Four scientific studies have addressed the issue and examined the washed workwear in more detail. You can read the results of these studies here.

This was the result

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If you have any questions or would like a quote, write to us directly here.

If you have any questions or would like a quote, write to us directly here.

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