CWS Alpha Nomex: Overall

CWS Alpha Nomex: Overall Blue

Heat protection clothing which retains its important protective functions even after many washes: the Alpha Nomex® work overalls offer long-lasting safety. 

CWS Alpha Nomex: Overall

CWS Alpha Nomex: Overall

CWS Alpha Nomex: Overall Blue


  • 265 g/m2: Sturdy Nomex® overalls are comfortable to wear
  • Stand-up collar with press stud, elasticated waist
  • Concealed press studs on front, reach-through pockets on sides and concealed press stud
  • Adjustable cuff with press stud
  • Side openings with concealed buttons and press studs
  • Bib with belt loops on back, fly with concealed zip.
  • Two front pockets, one back pocket and a bellows folding rule pocket on the right and a bellows leg pocket on the left, two breast pockets – the left one with a bellows design (all patch pockets with a flap and concealed press studs)

Available colors

Whether kneeling, crawling or working in tight conditions, the work overalls cover your upper and lower body, neck, arms and legs completely in every position, thereby offering optimal protection. The sturdy overalls in the Alpha Nomex® line protect the wearer against heat, flames and fault arcs – the integrated anti-static fibres also prevent electrical discharges. This heat protection clothing is also suitable for occasional welding work. Its protective function is thanks to high-quality Nomex® fibres from our partner DuPont. The inherently flame-retardant material does not require any chemical treatment. The fact that the fibres’ protective effect remains high after multiple washes is yet another bonus.

The Nomex® overalls available in blue and dark blue have a stand-up collar closed with a press stud, thereby covering as much of the neck as possible. The elasticated waist offers a comfortable, close-fitting cut. In total, the work overalls boast seven pockets, including two bellows folding rule pockets offering plenty of space for tools thanks to their intelligent design. All of the pockets close with a flap and concealed press studs to prevent flames or liquids entering the heat protection clothing.

CWS will also be happy to add name tags or your company’s logos to the work overalls for you in line with the specifications for certified heat protection clothing.


Optimal protective properties – whether you’re standing, lying down or crawling, these overalls offer protection against heat, flames and fault arcs as well as weld spatter. The one-piece design means the clothing always stays in place.

  • 94% Nomex® | 5% para-aramid | 1% anti-static fibres
  • Protection against flames, heat and class 1 fault arcs
  • Class 1 welder protection
  • Prevention of electrostatic discharges
  • Protection against solvents, acids, alkalis and oils


CWS develops durable and recyclable workwear from textiles and raw materials which are as sustainable as possible. Renting clothing from us for years saves resources. Instead of replacing damaged items immediately, we repair garments professionally wherever and whenever possible. The washing and drying processes in our industrial laundries are designed to be efficient and save energy. Fresh water is reprocessed and used multiple times. CWS ensures that its suppliers operate in accordance with ethical and sustainability standards. They have all committed themselves to the requirements of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and CWS additionally audits suppliers in risk countries to verify their compliance with the BSCI Code of Conduct.

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