CWS Alpha Welding 2: Work Jacket

CWS Alpha Welding 2: Work Jacket Darkblue w. Reflective Stripes

The Alpha Welding 2 welder jacket combines excellent wearing comfort with reliable protection as per welder protection class 2.

CWS Alpha Welding 2: Work Jacket

CWS Alpha Welding 2: Work Jacket

CWS Alpha Welding 2: Work Jacket Darkblue w. Reflective Stripes


  • Comprehensive protective features at a weight of just 450 g/m2
  • Turn-down collar, concealed press studs on front, cuffs with press stud adjustment
  • One breast pocket on the left and two front pockets (all patch pockets with flap and concealed press studs) plus an inside breast pocket on the left
  • Standard pictograms on the left front pocket, reflective piping on the chest and back

Available colors

The welder jacket is an employee’s trusted companion through demanding workdays filled with frequent welding and grinding work. The robust garment weighing 450 g/m2 offers reliable protection against heat and metal splashes even during MAG welding processes. The open secret of the new Alpha Welding 2 collection is Tecapro®. This innovative textile is composed of 79% flame-resistant cotton, 20% polyester and 1% Static Control™, which together produce a breathable blend offering high wearing comfort and excellent protective properties in accordance with welder protection class 2. In addition, it even boasts an anti-static effect. Furthermore, a special weaving technique produces a particularly smooth material surface, allowing the work jacket to repel metal splashes and the like effortlessly.


The jacket, which is available in dark grey and dark blue, features a turn-down collar, concealed press studs down the front and adjustable sleeves. Reflective detailing on the front and back shoulder regions increases the wearer’s visibility in low-light conditions. Two front pockets and a breast pocket – all with a flap and concealed press studs – alongside an inside breast pocket provide plenty of space for storing small tools. CWS has clearly displayed the pictograms for the standards satisfied by the welder protection clothing on the left front pocket.

The robust Alpha Welding 2 welder jacket impresses with its durability and excellent colour retention even after many washes. On request, CWS will be happy to add your company logo or an employee name badge to the jacket. Important note: The certified protection level of the work jacket is only valid when it is worn in combination with corresponding trousers. The neck, arms and legs must be covered at all times.


The welder jacket satisfies welder protection class 2 and reliably protects employees from heat, weld spatter and metal splashes. In addition, the innovative fabric has an anti-static effect and is extremely comfortable to wear:

  • 79% cotton | 20% polyester | 1% Static Control™
  • Class 2 protection against heat/flames and weld spatter, plus anti-static effect


CWS processes and develops durable and recyclable workwear with textiles and raw materials which are as sustainable as possible. Renting clothing from us for years saves resources. Instead of damaged parts being replacing, they are repaired as far as possible. The washing and drying processes in our industrial laundries use electricity and other energies as efficiently as possible. For example, fresh water is used multiple times. CWS sets great store by ensuring that its suppliers operate in accordance with ethical and sustainability standards. They have all committed themselves to the requirements of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). CWS audits suppliers in risk countries regularly to verify their compliance with the BSCI Code of Conduct.

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