CWS Pure Metal: Work Jacket

The foundry protective clothing protects the wearer against molten metal splashes. The work jacket also offers protection against heat and flames at the same time. 

CWS Pure Metal: Work Jacket

CWS Pure Metal: Work Jacket


  • Pure Metal offers an exceptional combination of comfort and protection (375 g/m2)
  • Concealed press studs on front, stand-up collar which can be closed with press stud
  • Adjustable cuff with press stud
  • Double layer finish below the arms for additional protection
  • Two patch breast pockets, two side pockets (each patch, with flap and concealed press studs) plus two inside breast pockets (right with zip, left with press stud)
  • Design element: Reflective piping and stripes in chest and shoulder area

Available colors

The robust work jacket insulates very well against radiant and convective heat, making it ideal as protective clothing in foundries. Air in the spaces between the materials functions as an additional heat insulator. The jacket is double-layered under the arms. In keeping with the roof tile principle, CWS has equipped the outer and inner breast and side pockets of the work jacket with flaps and concealed press studs or zips. The front flap and the stand-up collar are also closed using press studs. These details prevent molten metal from penetrating the foundry protective clothing, for example. In addition to its outstanding protective properties, the jacket also impresses with its ergonomic fit and excellent wearer comfort. Reflective piping and stripes in the shoulder area increase visibility. Crane operators in particular can thus recognise the employee better.

In foundries, molten metals with temperatures of up to around 1,500°C are part and parcel of everyday working life. CWS has created the Pure Metal collection for such testing workplaces. This collection protects employees from heat, metal splashes and fault arcs. The patented Wooltech fabric combines flame-resistant LenzingTM viscose with wool and polyamide. The structure of the wool prevents liquids from sticking, plus it is flame retardant by nature. The wearer of the jacket also benefits from its repellent effect when iron, aluminium and copper are melted.

The standard only stipulates protection against molten aluminium and iron, but CWS goes one step further. For example, the Pure Metal work jacket also protects against copper and cryolite as well as many other metal alloys. We offer individual pour-over tests to check whether the collection is suitable for your requirements. An additional advantage: our professional industrial laundry protects against graphite dust that collects on foundry protective clothing.

CWS will be happy to attach name tags or your company logo to the work jacket on request.


The work jacket made of patented Wooltech combines excellent heat protection with a repellent effect for various metal alloys. It also guarantees top comfort.

  • 54% LenzingTM FR viscose | 20% wool | 20% polyamide | 5% aramid | 1% anti-static fibres
  • Maximum protection against metal splashes, ideal for foundries
  • Innovative, two-layer, high-tech fabric combines high protective properties with great wearing comfort
  • Protection against flammability, anti-static charge, fault arcs and radiant heat


CWS ensures that its suppliers operate in accordance with ethical and sustainability standards. They have all committed themselves to the requirements of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and CWS additionally audits suppliers in risk countries to verify their compliance with the BSCI Code of Conduct. At the same time, CWS develops and processes durable and recyclable workwear with textiles and raw materials which are as sustainable as possible. Renting clothing from us for years saves resources. Damaged parts are not replaced straight away but repaired as far as possible. The washing and drying processes in our industrial laundries use electricity and other energies as efficiently as possible. Fresh water is used repeatedly instead of just once.

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