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22 May 2024 Workwear

Every company in the food industry, whether manufacturing or processing, must adhere to strict HACCP guidelines, regardless of its size. The abbreviation "HACCP" (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a food safety system in which the company must analyse possible risks for each production or processing step and how these can best be resolved.   

Hygienic workwear is one of the central components of an HACCP concept for food producers or processing companies in order to meet the strict requirements and minimise potential hazards. But what exactly is important when selecting HACCP-compliant workwear? And once the right workwear has been procured, how do you ensure hygienic maintenance - every working day? 

Simple: Only use certified HACCP clothing 

HACCP-certified workwear fulfils the strictest hygiene requirements in accordance with DIN 10524. The standard tests the material, fit and fasteners: HACCP clothing must fulfil a wide range of requirements in order to safely prevent food contamination. Even the choice of colour is important here 

Depending on the workplace and the respective hygiene requirements of the company, there are three risk classes for HACCP clothing, which also specify which guidelines apply to the colour of the work clothing and how often it must be changed. For example, the processing of highly perishable food (such as raw meat or fresh fish) falls into risk classes 2 and 3. For optimum hygiene, HACCP clothing in light colours should be used here. The higher the risk that food could be contaminated, the more frequently work clothing must be changed - in some workplaces even several times a day .

Hygienic clothing without sacrificing comfort

HACCP clothing should be durable and resistant: it is usually changed daily, or even several times a day, and cleaned correspondingly frequently. HACCP clothing should also be cut and processed in such a way that the risk of food contamination is minimised 

Based on our practical experience, we can make the following recommendation: Choose workwear with long sleeves, concealed buttons and lockable pockets. Also ensure that they are comfortable to wear. Even if the clothing must first and foremost meet the high hygiene requirements of HACCP, you should not compromise on fit and comfort - because these criteria determine how satisfied your employees are 

CWS Workwear has several collections to choose from, all of which comply with the highest risk class 3. You will find a variety of men's and women's fits, designs with colour accents, jackets with adjustable sleeves or trousers with elasticated cuffs for a particularly comfortable fit. In short: hygiene and comfort go hand in hand in the CWS collections. 


Professional care reduces the hygiene risk


At least as important as the right choice of HACCP clothing is its (daily) hygienic laundry care. Here, too, the legislator has laid down guidelines:  HACCP clothing must be washed according to strict hygiene rules

A specialised service provider such as CWS Workwear offers you a certified and regularly audited laundry service that includes the collection, cleaning and repair of workwear in accordance with the applicable hygiene regulations.

Professional advice

CWS works according to the Risk Analysis and Biocontamination Control System (RABC). This system  

  • Controls and secures the processes, 
  • Makes the microbiological quality detectable, 
  • guarantees the microbiological quality of our textiles. 

RABC applies to all processes right through to delivery to the customer. The system therefore also applies to logistics and transport. Our service is not only secure and certified, but also flexible, resource-saving and therefore extremely sustainable. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with a quote that best meets your requirements. And if you like, you can calculate on our homepage how much CO2 you can save with our service. 

Don't take any risks and let us give you expert advice on which HACCP clothing is best suited to the work in your company. Personalised advice and support in choosing the right clothing and care always pays off!