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Working Safely – Every Day

For us, the health and safety of your employees is a top priority.
We advise you on all legal requirements and ensure your team
is equipped with PPE that complies with regulations.

Personal protective equipment

CWS protects your employees at work

Since the introduction of the new PPE regulation in April 2018, companies must take even more responsibility for their personal protective equipment (PPE). According to the regulation, employers must ensure that the protective clothing of their employees is always in perfect condition.

In addition to regular inspection, the washing, repair and procurement of protective clothing also requires a lot of expertise. Complying with the various legal regulations is difficult without professional support.

This is where CWS comes in. We take responsibility for your PPE, including its maintenance. Our experts are highly familiar with the specific requirements for personal protective equipment, reprocessing procedures, and all the prescribed standards.

Your advantages with our PPE service

Sector-specific advice

We help you purchase the appropriate protective clothing for your industry and advise you on all the safety regulations. We can even visit your company personally in order to determine your requirements and select the right PPE together with you.

Service at no additional cost

Our PPE offer includes all services, such as laundry, professional repair, and regular inspections. This way, your employees always have clean protective clothing that’s ready for use.

Certified PPE reprocessing

At CWS, we have a certified reprocessing process. Each step is precisely specific. If we discover that clothing is no longer safe during quality control, we immediately replace it.

Quality right from the word go

Safety is the focus in the production of our high-quality protective clothing. For that reason, we only work with renowned manufacturers such as GORE® and DuPont®, who supply us with durable and robust fabrics for our PPE.

Cleanliness and safety

Cleaning PPE incorrectly can impair its protective functionality. Our specialised washing processes are matched precisely to the material composition of the PPE and the degree of contamination. This guarantees the PPE’s long-term protective efficacy.

Professional water treatment

To protect nature, our laundry facilities filter hazardous substances that stick to equipment out of the wastewater and dispose of them. This includes heavy metals, for example.

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All about the PPE regulation

Overview of the most important Europe-wide standards

What does this mean for companies?

Companies must ensure that any protective clothing used is safe, functional, and hygienically sound. In addition, the clothing must from now on be inspected and certified every five years.

Another new feature is that companies will be obliged to submit PPE manufacturer information and a declaration of conformity during inspections. The declaration confirms that the PPE meets the legal requirements. Until now, it was sufficient to present the declaration of conformity "on request". For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that the necessary documentation is provided when purchasing protective clothing.

What does this mean for CWS customers?

CWS customers don’t have to worry about any of the concerns. As a full service provider, we ensure that our customers always have impeccable protective clothing at hand that’s certified according to current standards.

Answers to frequently asked questions

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On the following page, you’ll find our FAQ as well as our complete range of PPE.

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