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Because Safety isn’t a Luxury

With personal protective equipment from CWS, you make a significant contribution
to protecting your team in all their activities. Your employees trust you. You can trust us.

Personal protective equipment

For a safer working environment

Approximately 900,000 occupational accidents are reported in Germany each year. We want your employees to return home healthy at the end of a working day. This is why we offer the protection they need: functional and needs-based protective clothing.

Our range of regulatory compliant collections is large - from high-visibility and weatherproof clothing to protective clothing for welders. We not only provide the PPE, we also collect it from you, repair it, and return it clean and good as new. Only regularly professionally reprocessed PPE can retain its protective efficacy. For this, you can rely on the professionals from CWS. 

Our products

Multifunctional protection

High-visibility and weatherproof protection

Heat, flame and arc fault protection

High-visibility multifunctional protection

Foundry clothing

Welding protection

ESD protective clothing

Machinery protection

Chemical protections

Protection from cuts

CWS personal protective equipment – why it’s worthwhile working with us

Regulatory compliant workplace safety

As an employer, you must provide your team with the necessary protective clothing. Non-compliance may result in heavy fines. CWS will work with you to select the right PPE, advise you on the maze of regulations, and ensure compliance.

Certified reprocessing

PPE must be reprocessed properly in order to consistently meet the legal requirements. We offer a certified procedure according to strict processes and ensure that all protective functions are retained. Defective clothing is separated out.

Good quality is no coincidence

During product development, we leave nothing to chance. All products must undergo rigorous testing. For example, we check the reflectors of high-visibility clothing just as thoroughly as the electrostatic discharge of ESD clothing.

PPE with guaranteed comfort

When protective clothing is worn all day, it should be comfortable. It must fit properly, be breathable, and allow sufficient freedom of movement. CWS pays close attention to good fit and comfort, in addition to the regulatory requirements.


Want to test out our protective clothing first and experience its quality for yourself? No problem!

Persönliche Schutzausrüstungen von CWS – deshalb lohnt sich die Zusammenarbeit mit uns

Normgerechter Arbeitsschutz

CWS Solution Workwear Protecting Employees


Als Arbeitgeber müssen Sie Ihrem Team die notwendige Schutzkleidung zur Verfügung stellen. Bei Verstößen drohen hohe Bußgelder. CWS wählt mit Ihnen die richtige PSA Schutzausrüstung aus, berät Sie im Normen-Dschungel und sorgt für die Einhaltung aller Vorschriften.

Zertifizierte Wiederaufbereitung

CWS Service Cycle Wash Maintance


Nur fachgerecht aufbereitete PSA erfüllt dauerhaft gesetzliche Vorgaben. Wir bieten ein zertifiziertes Verfahren nach strengen Abläufen und tragen die Verantwortung, dass alle Schutzfunktionen erhalten bleiben und gewährleistet damit Ihre Arbeitssicherheit. Fehlerhafte Kleidung wird aussortiert.

Gute Qualität ist kein Zufall

CWS Benefit Quality 2


Bei der Produktentwicklung überlassen wir nichts dem Zufall. Alle Produkte müssen harte Tests durchlaufen. Beispielsweise überprüfen wir die Reflektoren von Warnschutzkleidung genauso sorgfältig wie die elektrostatische Ableitung von ESD-Kleidung.

Schutzkleidung mit Wohlfühlgarantie

CWS Workwear


Wenn schützende Kleidung den ganzen Tag getragen wird, sollte sich der Träger darin wohlfühlen. Sie muss bequem und atmungsaktiv sein sowie genügend Bewegungsfreiheit bieten. CWS achtet neben den Vorschriften auf gute Passform und Komfort.


Answers to frequently asked questions

Got questions about personal protective equipment? We have the answers. If you have any more queries, feel free to get in touch with us.

How can the professionals at CWS support me with matters concerning PPE?

The legislature imposes numerous regulations on the use of PPE. This begins with the selection of suitable clothing for employees. Without professional support, it is virtually impossible for companies to comply with all the regulations. The easiest and safest way is therefore to work with a specialist like CWS. CWS not only assumes legal responsibility, but also ensures that the protective clothing is washed and maintained professionally by trained personnel.

Which laws must be taken into account? 

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchG) obliges the employer to take all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of their employees.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act also includes the PPE Usage Ordinance. Directive 89/656/EEC defines the use of PPE in more detail. It regulates the selection, provision, maintenance, repair, replacement and storage of PPE. Since April 2018, the new Europe-wide PPE Regulation 2016/425 has also been in force.

What is a declaration of conformity and the manufacturer’s information and where can I find these documents?

Since the PPE Regulation 2016/425 came into force, companies are now obligated to present two documents during inspections: a declaration of conformity and the manufacturer's information. PPE manufacturers must make both documents available.

With the declaration of conformity, the manufacturer confirms that their products comply with the relevant legal regulations. In addition to the name and full address of the manufacturer, the manufacturer's information includes all necessary information on the use, storage, cleaning, servicing, maintenance and disinfection of personal protective equipment.

When purchasing PPE, make sure that the manufacturer provides you with these documents. With CWS, you will receive both documents upon finalisation of the contract.

How long does protective clothing last?

CWS produces high quality protective clothing that lasts for a long time. In addition, we regularly maintain and care for the clothing in a professional manner, which means that it has longer operating cycles than purchased PPE.

Can protective equipment be used for different activities?

We recommend using the appropriate protective clothing for each application.

There is also multifunctional protective clothing that offers protection against different several hazards. CWS offers PPE that includes welding protection, heat and flame protection, chemical protection and arc protection, which also has electrostatic properties.

Demanding welding work requires protective clothing that meets special requirements. The material must have flame-retardant properties that prevent afterburning and melting on the clothing.

Sometimes, though, your products need protection as well as your employees. Employees in component production therefore need ESD protective clothing to protect sensitive components from electrostatic discharge during production.

Can defective protective clothing be repaired or must it be replaced?

Damaged PPE can be repaired. However, specialist knowledge is required to ensure that its protective properties are not impaired. Any change to the clothing is subject to strict specifications. For example, only specific flame-resistant yarns may be used to repair heat protective clothing.

CWS is specialised in the repair of PPE. Our trained personnel work according to certified procedures and repair PPE in accordance with legal requirements.

If PPE is worn out completely and can no longer be repaired, we will replace it. In this way, our customers always receive consistently high quality standards for PPE.

Does the protective function remain intact after washing?

Only professional washing processes can guarantee the efficacy of protective functions. This involves matching the water temperature and detergent to the PPE materials.

For this reason, PPE should never be cleaned in a conventional washing machine. This can be dangerous.

For example, if heat and flame protective clothing is treated with fabric softener, the material can easily ignite. If water and dryer temperatures are too high, the luminosity of reflectors can be lost. Some items of clothing that are intended to protect against rain or chemicals also require a so-called hydrophobisation, a kind of impregnation, after the washing process. This can only be done by certified laundries.

Can protective clothing be provided with a company or name badge?

In principle, certified PPE may not be modified if this could compromise safety. For this reason, strict guidelines must be observed when affixing badges or emblems.

For example, the emblems must be made of suitable flame-resistant materials and exact positioning must be taken into account.

It is therefore recommended that the application of emblems is always carried out by a professional with the appropriate experience. CWS offers its customers this service and ensures that the protective clothing always complies with the assigned standard.


Do you have any more questions about PPE? We’re happy to help you.

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